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Helicopters Used for Sightseeing in Lushan Mountain

  First sightseeing flight is taking off. (JiangNan Daily/Xu Nanping)

  First Helicopter used for sightseeing in the famous scenery area in Lushan Mountain is taking off on Sunday. (JiangNan Daily/Xu Nanping)

  Photo taken on a helicopter shows the view of a junction of the Lushan Mountain and the Poyang Lake in Jiujiang City, east China's Jiangxi Province, July 28, 2013. Helicopters are to be used for sightseeing in the famous scenery area on Sunday. (Xinhua/Zhang Haiyan)

July 28, 2013, a great ceremony is celebrated for the first flight of helicopter used for sightseeing in Lushan Mountain of Jiujiang City. The opening of helicopter tourism in Lushan Mountain symbols a new step for tourism in Jiujiang City, Lushan Mountain, PoYang Lake.