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Jiangxi Giant Tourism Advertising Board Debut in Shanghai
Giant tourism advertisement with flashing neon attracts tourists taking pictures in Shanghai Bund.

กกGiant tourism advertisement with flashing neon Shanghai Bund in the night.กก

Jiangxi tourism advertisement with 28 scenic image pictures under it.

JXNEWS ZhangYu report:  On April 8, 2013, with the opening of Beautiful Jiangxi Scenery (Shanghai) Promotion Week, Jiangxi tourism publicity has been covered in three-dimensional way, extending to the community life of Shanghai citizens. It is the first time for tourism advertising onto the Shanghai Bund, and becomes the first tourism advertisement covering Shanghai Bund in the nationwide.


 In this year's Shanghai Tourism campaign, advertisement displaying Jiangxi images has been put a greater range and covering more audience than last year. More than 50 pieces of huge advertising boards have been put in No.1 and No 2 subway lines and 60,000 tourism promotion pages for free public access. In the streets of Shanghai, more than 60 buses printed Jiangxi scenic also printed on more than 60 buses which go through street of Shanghai.