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Jiangxi Ranks Top 5 in 2013 Government Transparency Ranking

NANCHANG, Feb. 28 (JXNEWS) ¨C The 2013 ˇ°Rule of Law Blue Paperˇ± has been issued jointly by The Institute of Law of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and Social Sciences Documentation Publishing House jointly issued the rule of law Blue Book 2013. The Government transparency ranking report was also released second time.


Among 26 provincial governments including Beijing, Tianjin and Shandong, There are only 10 governments qualified with government transparency. Jiangxi Province got 66.95 points ranking No. 5, and Hainan Province won the first with 70.65 points.


It is reported that the Regulations on Open Government Information have been implemented for five years. According to the Regulations on Open Government Information implemented in May 1st, 2008, administrative organizations should disclose government information through government gazettes, government websites, press conferences, as well as newspapers, radios, televisions and other ways convenient for public knowledge.


In 2012, the research group investigated and evaluated 26 provincial governments on the implementation of government information disclosure system. The provincial government evaluation index included seven parts with 100 points as total score: directory, official gazette, normative documents, administrative examination and approval, environmental protection, disclosure on application and annual report.