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2012 City GDP Data Releases Nanchang Ranks 33rd

NANCHANG, Feb. 21 -- According to the latest released City GDP rankings across the country, Nanchang ranks 48th  with 300,052 billion Yuan, which is the only city getting into top 50 in Jiangxi Province. And with per capita GDP of 59,416.24 Yuan, Nanchang ranks the 33rd across the country.


Jiangxi provincial government brought up the concept of casting Nanchang city as the core growth pole in the 13th provincial People's Congress. After a year¡¯s effort, Nanchang developed in many aspects, showing early Impetus to be the core growth pole, its urban primacy ratio has been improved and some major economic indicators¡¯ rankings have been substantially increased forward compared to other capital cities.


Among the national capital cities, Nanchang¡¯s GDP growth ranks up from 14th to the 9th ; local general budget revenue increase rises from 14th to the 2nd; urban residents per capita disposable income growth ranks from 18th to 7th.