Off the beaten track

China National Geography magazine recently released a list of 10 top "Non-famous Mountains", as rated by outdoors enthusiasts, experts, netizens and readers. The idea is to make more people aware of China's characteristic mountains, and open up new routes for mountaineers.

The chosen mountains range from 1,000-5,000 m above sea level, and are endowed with unique geographical characteristics and biological resources. The 10 have been picked from 400 submissions and include Jiucailing (Leek Mountain) in Hunan, Chuandiding (Top of Boat Bottom) in Guangdong, Jiudingshan (Nine Peaks Mountain) in Sichuan, Zhagana (The Stone Box) Mountain in Gansu, Wugongshan in Jiangxi, Xiaowutai Mountain in Hebei and Haituo Mountain in Beijing.

Li Shuanke, editor-in-chief of China National Geography, says while these mountains are well known locally, they are not so famous nationally.