In the nature of things

The picturesque sunset at Wugong Mountain in Jiangxi province. Zhu Yingpei

August 26, China Daily - Zhu Yingpei has been no less occupied since he retired from office in 2008 as vice-chairman of the Standing Committee of the People's Congress of Jiangxi province. He started the Jiangxi Nature Photographers' Association.

Having lived and worked in Jiangxi for 40 years, 65-year-old Zhu was intoxicated by its beautiful natural scenery and turned an amateur photographer in 2002.

At the outset, Zhu was looking at photography as a way of staying healthy and fit. To his surprise, the off-hour hobby soon developed into a craze.

Nothing could hold up Zhu's enthusiasm for nature photography, be it harsh weather, shortage of food, or the lack of shelter. Over the years, Zhu has left countless footprints in the mountains and rivers of his beloved Jiangxi province.

"Nature photography draws me closer to the nature outside, as well as my inner self," Zhu says.

From Aug 9 to 16, Zhu, with photographer Ouyang Ping, successfully put together a photo exhibition entitled "Ecological Jiangxi" in the National Art Museum of China.

The 63 selected photos featuring the natural landscape, idyllic scenery and rare birds of renowned scenic spots like Jinggang Mountain, Lushan Mountain, and Poyang Lake, were widely appreciated by the audiences from both home and abroad, and was a huge publicity boost for Jiangxi.

Through his photos Zhu presents his profound love of nature. He also hopes to promote concern for ecological balance by showing the harmonious beauty in nature in his photos.