Jiangxi Culture
Gannan Caicha Song and Dance Troupe

The Troupe was founded in September 1998 as a combination of the Gannan Caicha Opera Troupe (Set up in 1956) and Gannan Song and Dance Ensemble (set up in 1964). The Troupe has nine repertoire performed on the stage in Beijing, among which The Song of Picking Tea, Qiao Sister, Testing Wife, Mending Leather Shoes and Diao Guai were shown at Zhongnanhai, the seat of the central government; The Tea Boy Playing with His Master, Disagreeable Chat and Sister Lian are filmed; Testing Wife won the 2ndprize at the Competition of the National Dramatic Short-piece Competition; full-length contemporary drama My Heart on Folk Song was awarded ten prizes at the National Local Opera Exchange Performances and the Fourth Wenhua Grand Award as well as five Wenhua individual awards of playwright, director, music and performance issued by the Ministry of Culture. The leading players Zhang Manjun and Long Hong have got the 11thChina Drama Plum Blossom Awards.

Over the past 30 years or more since its founding, more than sixty plays of excellent operas, ballet, modern drams have been presented such as Sister Jiang, The Red Detachment of Women, Storm, and in addition, more than 120 plays have been performed, such as The Red Flag of Chang Gang, A Long Red Strap Dedicated to Mothers of Ke Jia, which won the 7th Wenhua New Program Award, Wenhua Playwright Award and Wenhua Director Award. The Troupe has visited Hong Kong and Macao regions.

The leading artists of the Troupe: Yang Shumin, Feng Wenqi, Long Hong, Lai Baozhen, Xiao Jianrong, Yang Mingrui and Hou Qiyou.