Investment Guide
Build Nankang as the Furniture Capital of China
In order to implement instruction spirits of the main leadership of provincial party committee inspecting Nankang furniture market and promote Nankang furniture industry to accelerate the achievement of breakthroughs, on January 21, Ganzhou Government led leading officials from Ganzhou Development and Reform Commission, Financial Bureau, Land and Resources Bureau, Forestry Bureau, Communications Bureau and so on of more than 10 departments to arrive at Nankang to perform official business. They coordinated and solved problems encountered by industrial development and strived for the full support of Nankang as the national first-class furniture market to build it as the furniture capital in China. Wang Ping, Deputy Secretary of Ganzhou Municipal Party Committee and Mayor of Ganzhou, attended and addressed on-the-spot meeting. Standing Committee Member of Ganzhou Municipal Party Committee and Administrative Vice Mayor of Ganzhou Luo Bingfeng and Vice Mayor Deng Youlin, along with Ganzhou CPPCC Vice Chairman and Director of Ganzhou Economic and Trade Commission Cao Xiaoqiu attended there. Vice Mayor Liu Jianping took the chair.

The New Goal: to Build Nankang as the Furniture Capital of China

After over ten-year development, Nankang furniture industry has started from scratch, grown from strength to strength, formed into a "through-train" composed of products R&D, sales in circulation and professional package as well as the national large-scale wholesale furniture-manufacturing base in pace with market. By the end of 2008, the total area of Nankang furniture market had been up to 500 thousand square meters, with the size ranking No.4 in the national professional furniture market, is the largest professional furniture market in Jiangxi Province.

Recently, Nankang City proposed that through 2-year effort, Nankang furniture market would strive to reach a total area of 1 million square meters and 10,000 operating households by the end of 2010, doubling those at the end of 2008, a population of 200 thousand employees engaged in furniture industry and related industries, striving for the national first-class furniture market and building the development goal of China's furniture capital.

Support from All Quarters: Strengthening Planning, Policy Tilting

At the on-the-spot meeting, relevant authorities put forward positive ideas and all provided maximum policy support in aspect of development planning and construction, industrial development management guidance, improvement of operating level, building brand name products and so forth for Nankang furniture market and the production and processing base. The meeting decided to give land indicators of Nankang furniture industrial development the focus tilt; make furniture market construction layout of Ganzhou central urban areas concentrate in Nankang, bring it into central urban area development overall plan and concentrate on the construction of furniture market and production and processing base in Nankang City in the future in principle, building only selling points in other places; speed up Gannan Road construction and implementation of National Roads 105, 323 diversion project in order to facilitate the transport and sale of Nankang furniture; give the greatest policy convenience to furniture and timber in aspect of forestry clearance.

Strengthen the Guide: Orderly Competition and Stronger Brand

Wang Ping fully affirmed the achievement of Nankang furniture industry development in recent years and hoped that along with Ganzhou relevant authorities, Nankang City should continue to adhere to the scientific development, promote Nankang furniture industry to create national first-class furniture industry and accelerate it to move toward the international market. First, it is necessary to create the characteristics of Nankang furniture to meet the high, medium and low such different types of consumer groups; second, it is necessary to further promote industrial scale, forming into greater competitive advantages; third, it is necessary to ask the first-class experts to conduct first-class planning, speed up and perfect the planning of transportation, logistics, etc. and improve the efficiency of industrial development. Industrial development should adhere to government guiding, enterprise subject and market operating, enhance market construction, research industrial developing trends, guide orderly competition and create first-class brand. (Lai Qianping and Reporter Chen Jicai)