Brief Introduction of Jiangxi Copper Corporation

Jiangxi Copper Corporation, founded in July of 1979, is an extra-large integrated enterprise in China's non-ferrous metals industry and its operation covers copper mining, milling, smelting and processing. It is the largest copper production base and the important sulfur, gold and silver producer in China. It is also one of the state-supported key enterprises. With the headquarter located in Guixi City, Jiangxi Province, the company is running its main subsidiary Jiangxi Copper Company Limited (consisting of Dexing Copper Mine, Yongping Copper Mine, Wushan Copper Mine and Guixi Smelter) and other 93 affiliates as: JCC Copper Products Company Ltd., JCC-Yates Copper Foil Company Ltd., JCC Finance Company, JCC Shenzhen South Company, JCC (Dexing) Mining New Technology Company, JCC (Guixi) New Materials Company, JCC (Guixi) Logistics Company, Dongtong Mining Company, Chengmenshan Copper Mine, Jinrui Futures & Brokerage Company, etc.. The major subsidiary Jiangxi Copper Company Limited was respectively listed at Hongkong and Shanghai exchanges in 1997 and 2001.

At present, the total asset of the company is over 26 billion yuan, with more than 34,000 employees comprising an excellent management team for international business operation and a professional skill team specialized in copper mining, smelting and other advanced technologies. Hundreds of the company's experts have been dispatched to oversea mines and enterprises for technical guidance and assistance. The company mainly focuses on surveying, exploiting, smelting and processing of copper, gold, silver, lead-zinc, molybdenum, etc., producing and distributing relative non-ferrous metal products, as well as manufacturing and installing mining and refining equipment, developing technology, providing technology service and dealing with processing on given materials, foreign trade and carrying trade.

The main products of company are copper cathode, sulphuric acid, gold, platinum, palladium, selenium, Te, rhenium, molybdenum, copper sulfate, arsenoxide, copper concentrate, lead-zinc minerals, zinc concentrate, pyrite concentrate, copper wire bar, copper rod, bare copper wire, enameled wire, high precision copper foil, precise copper tube, and so on. Hereinto, copper cathode is a registered product of London Mental Exchange (LME), sulphuric acid product has won National Gold Medal, and copper rod is a well known brand product in China. The products of company have been exported to over 30 overseas countries and districts like US, Japan, Europe, and Southeast Asia, etc. The company has also established technology, economy and trade cooperation with most of those countries and districts.

The company possesses most copper, coexisting and associated mineral resources in the whole industry of the country. The top five copper mines being operated all belong to Jiangxi Copper Corporation, and self-sufficient rate of raw material turns out top within the copper industry all over the country. Along with the exploitation of Fujiawu mining area in Dexing copper mine and Jiujiang Chengmenshan copper mine, as well as the development of Sichuan Kangxi Copper Industry Co., Ltd. and Shanxi Diaoquan Silver & Copper Mine, the copper reserves of the company has surpassed 10 million tons.

The company has formed the largest domestic production capacity for copper smelting which reached an annual output of 400,000 tons by 2003. With the completion of copper smelting project of 300,000 tons in July, 2007, Jiangxi Copper Group Corporation will achieved a smelting output of 800,000 tons or above in two years.

The company has built the largest processing and producing base for copper in China. Copper processing enterprises for copper rod, copper wire, cable, optical fiber, copper foil, and copper tube have been founded in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province, Guixi, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, etc. with an annual output of 500,000 tons. With the Copper Sheet and Strip Project of 100,000 tons per year, and the Second Stage Project of Copper Foil, the company's processing ability for copper products will achieve 600,000 tons.

The company has been awarded the National and the Provincial level credits for several times. In 1995, it was appraised as "the National Satisfactory Enterprise". Jiangxi Copper Corporation has already been award the outstanding enterprise in Jiangxi Province for continuous eleven years from 1993 to 2003. The Party Committee of Jiangxi Copper Corporation was award "the Chinese Advanced Basic-level Party Organizations" for twice. The company was award the "National May-first Work Award" in 2002. And for the first time in china, the company's party construction quality system passed the certification of ISO9001: 2000. The affiliates under Jiangxi Copper Corporation have respectively obtained the titles of "Garden-like Mine", "Garden-like Factory", "Advanced Unit in Afforestation", and "National Top Ten Units on Industrial Pollution Control.", etc. In 2001, Chinese vice Premier Wu Bangguo praised Jiangxi Copper Corporation as "the National Enterprise with Best Management (one of)" when he visited Jiangxi Copper Corporation.

Nowadays, Jiangxi Copper Corporation insists on the core concept of "Pondering today by future", advancing with time. The company follows the objectives "Become larger, stronger and better" proposed by Vice President 2002 Wu Bangguo and "Set up new target, arrive at new peak and stride onto new step" indicated by Party Secretary of Jiangxi Province Meng Jianzhu in 2005, aims at the strategy of "Create the Word First-class Copper Enterprise" and facilitates overall development of the company. The company strives to realize a sales income of 40 billion yuan in 2007 and rank into top three in the copper industry worldwide.