Investment Guide
Guideline of Building Material Industry

I. General situation

The main products of building material industry are as follow: cement, glass, fibre glass, construction ceramics,new building material, non-matal mine and products, abio non-metal material, renovation material and so on. The output value of building material industry achieves 6.25% of the total amount of Jiangxi. There are 199 cement enterprises with the capacity of 23 million tons, 1 float enterprise with the capacity of 5 million boxes. The capacity of high-grade aluminum plastic clad plate is 1.3 million square meters. It is in the middle of China.

The industry system of building material industry is established: cement industry-construction glass industry-construction ceramics industry-fibre glass industry with 23 subsidary industry and frame of geology exploration, scientific research and design. There are 2 production lines of 4,200 tons new dchamotte cement with dry process(Jiangxi Yadong Cement Ltd. Co.), 3 production lines of 2,000 tons new cement with dry process design by our county(Jiangxi Wannieqing Cenment Ltd. Co.), 2 production lines of float glass with 400 tons(Pingxiang Float Glass Factory) and the production line of 3000 tons construction ceramics(Haofeng Ceramics Group).

II. Strengths:
(1)Market: The government increases investment on infrastructure, especially highway, city construction, housing operated market-oriented, increasing investment in small and medium sized cities, due to the stragety of growing up in middle area. Implementing the key projects, so the market of , building material has grown up rapidly.
(2)resource: There are lots of non-ferrous metal mine with big reserves. With respect to mine reserves, ratio, utilizition, condition, demand and econimic bendfit, the competitive mine of construction material are as follow: cement limestone, kaolini, construction marble, granite, talcum and konite as surface. The potential mine is as follow: meerschaum, grammite.

III Strategy and the key point of development
(1) Strategy

We shall insist to develop the industry by pushing forward restructuring and improve development by restructuring. We shall insist to concentrate on restructuring, operate in commerical way in term of enterrpises and on the basic of technology upgrading and integrade eliminating the laggard and innovation, closing the small and establishing big companies. Meanwhile we shall strengthen innovation of the traditional industry with high and new, advanced and applied technology to upgrade and perfect the industry.

(2) the key point of development

a. new cement with dry process and bulk cement: To support the production line of 2,000 tons/day new chamotte cement with dry process and encourage the production line of 4,000tons/day chamotte and new cement with dry process. To build up the large-sized base of chamotte in area rich in limestone, large-sized modern cement crocus station near market. To extend stirring station of bulk cement and build up commerical stirring station of beton. It is forbided that to build up the cement production line in scenic spots.

b. new wall material: To develop the production line of cement brick with the single shift capacity of 50,000 cubic meters and aerate cement brick with the single shift capacity with the annual capacity of 10-20 cubic meters. To develop the production line of sintered products with the annual capacity of 15 million pieces, including waste residue sintered products like gangue, pulverized fuel ash and shale with the single shift capacity of 30 million pieces. To develop bearing board and deccration compound board and the production line of light board with the annual capacity of 150,000 million square meters. To develop the technology of environment--protection board which raw material is mainly crop stalk.

c. inorganic non-metal new material: To develop the production line of large tank kiln drawbench and develop the technology of fibre glass with wide breath and large scale. To develop multifunctional fibre glass products with hign capability, including good-quality fibre yarn glass, felt and asbestos replacer. To develop new ceramics material with high capability, special photoelectricity crystal and speical glass.

d. non-metal mine and its processing: To build the processing base of large-sized mine. To develop the processing of good quality non-metal mine. To develop the technology fine crushing, fine purifying, surface modification. To develop graphite pure miropowder, dilatable graphite, graphite adsorb material, and padding like talc, calcium carbonate, kaolin, clay mine environment-protection material products and non-- metal mine naometre material.