Investment Guide
Guideline of Textile Industry

I. General Situation
There are a lot of classifications in Jiangxi's textile industry and the arrangement of the enterprises and industry is quite reasonable too, which is in a middle or higher level of the country. Nanchang, Jiujiang and Fuzhou are the key textile production bases in the province. In 2002, there are 226 enterprises of certain scales in the industry, the gross industrial production value is RMB 6.83 billion, ranking 17 in the country; industrial additional value is RMB 1.6 billion, ranking 18 in the country and the ratio is 4.5% in the province; the export value is RMB 1.07 billion, ranking 18 in the country; the export value of textile garments is USD 400 million, 37.4% of the province and is the No. 1 of the province.

Main products and output: chemical fibre 85,900 tons, yarn 116,000 tons, cloth 204 million meters, print dyed cloth 76 million meters, ramie cloth 21.84 million meters, silk 652 tons, silk products 27.94 million meters, garments 148 million pieces.

II. Industrial Strength and Characteristics

1. Abundant resources. There is abundant and high-quality cotton, ramie and silk. The highest production of cotton is 2.6 million DAN, now 1.6 million DAN. The highest production of ramie is over 300,000 DAN, now 100,000 DAN, and national top-grade ramie base The production ability of peptic cut fibre ranks No. 5 of the country and the quality is among top of the equivalent industry.

2. Plenty labor force and low cost. The annual income of staff in textile enterprises is RMB 5,000, which is much lower than the nation's average RMB 7,000.

3. Top rank of some enterprises in the country. Among the top 10 in the country are the followings: ramie, silk, artificial fibre and garments, especially the knitting garment industry. Jiangxi Polyester Fibre Factory, Jiangxi Chemical Fibre Factory, Jiangxi Chemical Industry Co., Ltd, Jiujiang Chemical Fibre Stock Company, Jiujiang Chemical Fibre Factory and Jiangxi Tianshen Chemical Fibre Co., Ltd etc. have important position in domestic chemical fibre industry. Jiangxi Chemical Fibre and Chemical Industry Company is one of the 520 national key enterprises; Jiangxi Jiangfang Huayuan Textile Co., Ltd, Xinyu Huayuan Fareast Textile Co., Ltd and Jiujiang Haiyang Textile Co., Ltd and so on are key enterprises in cotton textile industry of the province. Jiangxi Ramie Textile Co., Ltd is a group company taking trade, industry and agriculture together. The company adopts one continuous line form growing to weaving, printing, dyeing and garment production. The production ability is No. 2 in domestic ramie industry. Jiangxi Yaya Down Jacket Group Company has the national famous Yaya down jacket.

4. Potential market. At present, the fibre consuming per capita in the nation is 6.6 kg, which is lower than the world average 8.7 kg. In 2005, the number will be over 7.4 kg while in Jiangxi the number is less than 5 kg.

III. Development Strategy and Keypoints

Under the policy of the nation's industrial policy, with the opportunities from entering of WTO, Jiangxi Textile Industry will develop based on the economic regulation, international business practice and reasonable arrangement to improve the whole quality of enterprises and will be market-oriented.

Development Key points

1. Key points for industrial development.
Focused on industrial upgrading, to improve equipment level, develop new products and improve characteristic products and optimize the industrial structure.

Chemical fibre industry: strongly develop the differential and functional fibre, especially enlarge high technology-intensive and functional chemical fibre products with good economic profit. We are making efforts to make the production value of 200,000 tons during "the tenth-year plan", including 30% of differential chemical fibre.

Cotton textile industry: to speed the technology innovation and industrialization upgrading. During "the tenth-year plan", the transformed weaving ingots are estimated to be 200,000 and the machines will be upgraded to improve the technology equipment level of the whole industry. To improve the ratio of knitting yarn and non-shuttle clothe and so on. To transform the print dyeing production line in the fields of equipment, technique and skill. To emphasize on top-grade clothe to replace the imported clothe.

Ramie industry: To take full advantages of ramie raw material and make ramie products the key products in Jiangxi Province. To develop the processing line after print dyeing and garment further processing line. To improve the research and development ability in new products and enlarge the export volume.

Garment industry: Through the upgrading and transformation of key garment enterp rises and introduce the enterprises, brand, capital and talents in the field from coastal advanced zone, to improve garment design, technical skill and business operation. Try to make 2-3 national famous garment brands 2 or 3 years.

2. Restructure arrangement.
To satisfy the principal opening up strategy in Jiangxi Province, to become the transition base for costal and developed areas. To speed the development of chemical fibre industry of north Jiangxi, ramie industry of west Jiangxi and garment industry of south Jiangxi. To promote the industrial development of middle part, west part, south part and north part. To focus on development and support of characteristic textile garment industrial park.