Jiangxi Clay Pot Soup


Yuzhang Dalaowu Soup Restaurant's famous clay pot soup pictured on May 12, 2008. The decade-old restaurant is located near Shengjinta Tower in Nanchang, capital city of south China's Jiangxi Province on Sunday, May 11, 2008. [Photo: CRIENGLISH.com]

Walking along Ruzi Road in Nanchang city, one cannot help but notice several giant clay pots simmering with fragrant flavor in front of restaurants. Inside these giant containers are a number of smaller clay pots that bear one of the specialties of Jiangxi cuisine - clay pot soup.

For many in Nanchang, the day starts with sips of piping hot clay pot soup. In the past, people would stew the soup at home, but now it has become somewhat of a fashion to have the soup at traditional clay pot soup restaurants.

The soup is delicious and affordable to many, with most soups costing between five and 25 yuan. There is a large variety to chose from: from tea-tree mushroom soup with pork rib to healing black chicken and young pigeon.

It takes seven hours to prepare clay pot soup, during which its ingredients fully dissolve to make for a delicious and nutritious dish. It is known to replenish energy, increase blood circulation and boost overall wellness.

Clay pot soup served with rice noodles (banfen) is the breakfast dish of choice for the residents of Nanchang.