Ganzhou City Huangjin Development Zone
Located in the new urban district of Ganzhou City, Ganzhou City Huangjin Development Zone was established in May, 2000. In 2003, the total GDP in the zone was 343.66 million yuan, increasing by 66.48%, the fiscal revenue was 37.67 million yuan, increasing by 72.48%, the industrial output value was 887.11 million yuan, increasing by 32%, the investment in the fixed assets was 388 million yuan, increasing by 114.86%, the actual utilized foreign capital was USD 24.08 million, increasing by 219% and the actually utilized domestic funds was 1.43 billion yuan, increasing by 354.8%.
As the future industrial area, strong economic area, high fiscal income area and the new urban area of Ganzhou City, Huangjin Development Zone has advantages in location. The zone can rely on the facilities in the city, radiating to other 18 counties and smaller towns in Ganzhou City, and also has its own space for development. The 80-meter-wide main avenue in the zone°™Gannan Industry Avenue is a section of the Kunming-Xiamen Express Highway and the one linking Jiangxi-Guangdong Express Highway. The State Highway 105 and 323 run through the zone, Ganzhou Railway Station and Huangjin Airport are quite near. The infrastructure facilities are good, and the water and electricity supplies are abundant.
Ganzhou City Huangjin Development Zone has an obvious industrial advantage. It takes the hi-tech industries as its main, with tourism and service sector development as its supplement. Now there are some prosperous leading enterprises in the zone, and it has developed into rather large scale special market group and has been the home of universities and scientific institutes. The zone has been divided into five different industry districts: processing district, nonferrous industry district, mechanical industry district, rare earth processing district and pharmaceutical industry district. There is a bounded warehouse and a container truck inspection area approved by the state customs authorities. The administrative organization in the zone is highly streamlined and offers excellent and efficient services to the investors.