Development Zones
Fuzhou Jinchao Economic Development Zone

Fuzhou City Jinchao Economic Development Zone consists of Zhongling Industrial Zone and Science Education Zone. It is in the southern part of Fuzhou city, 2 km away from the Beijing-Fuzhou Highway in the west, close to the Nanchang-Xiamen Highway in the east, and linking the Shanghai-Ruili Express Highway through the first class Dongxiang-Linchuan Highway. The construction of Zhongling Industrial Zone began in March of 2002, and it was planned to be completed in three stages. Infrastructure facilities, roads, telecommunications systems, power supply and water supply planned in the first and second stages have been completed.

The enterprises in the zone can enjoy different preferential policies and award policies according to the amount of taxes they paid.

After a contract is signed, the zone will provide follow-up service during the construction period, helping solve the problems about the construction work, production and daily life.

It provides enclosed management, non-fees service. Without the approval of the municipal government, no one is allowed to check the enterprises and levy fees on them.

By Feb 20th, 2004, there were 41 enterprises in the zone. The main industries are electrical parts for automobiles, biochemical medicines, textile and garments, building materials, etc. In 2004 it is expected that total 35 enterprises will be in operation and the total sales income will reach 400 million yuan.