Development Zones
Anyuan Economic Development Zone

Anyuan Economic Development Zone (Pingxiang Hi-Tech Industrial Zone) lies between the Shanghai-Ruili Express Highway and the Zhejiang-Jiangxi Railway, at the meeting point of the State Highway 319 and 320, only 2 km away from the exit to Pingxiang City on the Shanghai-Ruili Express Highway, 3 km away from Pingxiang Railway Station, 120 km away from Changsha Huanghua Airport with a high class highway leading there. Pingxiagn Coach Station, the North Bus Terminal and the container transport center are in the zone, which offer a very convenient transportation system.

In 2003, the GDP in the zone was 733 million yuan, the total industrial output value was 810 million yuan, and the industrial added value was 251 million yuan. In the same year, the signed contract amount was 6.935 billion yuan, but the actual capital invested to the zone was 3.37 billion yuan. It fulfilled 1.2 billion of investment to social fixed assets, and the fiscal revenue reached 101million yuan.

The construction of infrastructure facilities in the zone is very rapid, and the total investment amounted to 1.2 billion. Businesses in the zone are flourishing. The building of the four special markets, all kinds of living and service facilities are complete.

The goal is to develop hi-tech new materials industry, industrial ceramic industry, automobile industry, machine manufacturing, biological medicine, pharmaceutical industry, fine chemical industry, electronics and electrical appliances, and food processing, and make good use of the land and keep the ecological balance to build a scenic new urban area.