Development Zones
Xinyu Hi-Tech Economic Development Zone

Xinyu Hi-Tech Economic Development Zone, next to the urban area of Xinyu City, is in the East District of Xinyu city. There are three districts (south district, north district and east district). It lies in the central part of West Jiangxi, which is the most important corridor connecting the East China and West China. There is only 860 km away from Shanghai, 760 km from Guangzhou, 280 km from Changsha and 490 km from Wuhan. And it is 130 km away from the provincial capital Nanchang. The Shanghai-Ruili Express Highway goes through the zone and the Jiangxi-guangdong Express Highway goes by the zone in the east. In the zone there are two provincial highways¡ªQingyi Highway and Shangxin Highway, Zhejiang-Jiangxi Railway, Shangrao-Xinyu Railway, a special railway line, and a classification yard with the annual capacity of 3 million tons under construction. The zone is about 130 km away to the Nanchang Port, where the shipping company can act as the agent to clear the customs. The export goods can be transported in containers from Xinyu to Nanchang Port and then be shipped to the world.

In the zone the water resources is abundant, the cost of land, water, electricity, gas and labor is cheap. The investors can get excellent services and the administration is trying to foster a fair and just environment for investors. According to the overall plan of the zone, hi-tech industries and the export-oriented enterprises will be the backbones, with traditional industries as the supplement, and it will be built into a provincial level hi-tech economic development zone and a new city with the excellent working and ecological conditions.

Now there are lots of enterprises established in the zone, such as Xinhua Share Company, Feiyu Electronic Science and Technology Company. Ltd, which invested 400 million yuan into an audio product project, Ningbo Chunlong Group¡¯s reflecting material series products project, International Star Hardware Market¡ªthe biggest hardware wholesale center, a member of the China Hardware Association, etc. In 2003, the industrial sales income reached 1.23 billion yuan, and the zone has gradually developed an industrial pattern with the integration of mechanic and electric industry, hardware industry, medicine industry, building industry, food processing, retail sales and trade, educational and scientific industries.