Development Zones
JiĄŻan Hi-Tech Industrial Zone

JiĄŻan Hi-Tech Industrial Zone is located in Duenhou, JiĄŻan City, at the foot of Jinggangshan Mountain, 10 km away from the city center, 30 km away from the Jinggangshan Airport, 5 km away to Jiangxi-Guangdong Express Highway. The State Highway 105 and the Beijing-Kowloon Railway go through it. The transportation systems are good and the location is very good.

The zone is comprised of 4 areas and 6 districts, which are hi-tech industry development area, residential area, traditional industry development area, freight and warehouses area, bioengineering and medicine industry district, IT and telecommunications industry district, new material industry district, environment protection and high effect energy industry district and the education and intellectual industry district.

Since the construction of the zone in March, 2002, 250 million yuan has been invested to the infrastructure facilities. A road framework with 3 horizontal and 4 vertical roads has taken shape, the goods are transported smoothly, water and electricity supplies are consistent, the telecommunications system are good, banks and insurance companies also come to the zone. The improved infrastructure provides good conditions for the development of industries here.

By the end of 2003, total 80 contracts had been signed, and the total contract amount reached 2.53 billion yuan, but the actual capital available in the zone was 785 million yuan. Of all the contract projects, 4 are foreign projects; one is the sub-project in the State Ą°863Ą± Project, 5 listed companies, 4 scientific research institues. Now, 40 are under construction and 30 are put into production.