Longnan County

Longnan County locates at the southmost of Jiangxi province, strding the Nanling Mountain and connecting to the Delta of Pearl River, HongKong and Macao. With Dingnan in the east, Heping and Liangping of Guangdong, in the south, Quannan in the west, and Xinfeng in the north, it covers a total area of 1641 square km, total population is 300,000, and it has jurisdiction over 15 townships (the town, forestry centre included), 2 management committees. The conunty seat stays in Longnna town and its population is 100,000. The climate is temperate, and belongs to the typical humid monsoon climate of subtropical zone, and the average temperature of the whole year is 18.9 degrees Centigrade.

The position advantage of Longnan is obvious. It is the front of the inland, like the throat of the open coastal regions leading to the hinterland. It is called the south gate of Jiangix province usually.

The traffic in Longnan is very convenient, national highway 105 runs south to north, Beijing-Kowloon Railway stretches to west, the expressway of Guangdong and Jiangxi crosses its border. Bordering with Guangdong and Jiangxi, the business activities are always active here, which makes Longnan an important pivot of communications in the south of Jiangxi. The county town is only 290 km away from Guangzhou, only 340 km away from Shenzhen, so you can go there and back by bus on the same day.

The water and electricity supply of Longnan is abundant. There is 220 kv transformer substation that is connected with East China Power Network and the water supply is up to 80,000 tons per day. They are enough to meet the industrial, commercial and residentsí» demands.

The investment environment of Longnan is fine. Longnan County has been entitled the Advanced County in Jiangxi province several times for its achievement in investment and invitation and environment optimization. Longnan has been exerting itself to build itself a safe and civilized in legal environment, honest and faithful in human environment, enlightened and open in political environment and efficient and swift in government affairs environment.

Jiulianshan Mountain, national class natural protection zone, its tropical virgin forest is very beautiful,with many freakish birds and wild animals and has a good reputation of Emerald of South Mountain; the continuous 99 rock peaks of Xiaowudang Mountain has grand and magnificent vigor, like a picture be showed slowly.