Development Zones
Nanchagn Scientific and Technological Zone for Private Enterprises
In 1998 Nanchagn Scientific and Technological Zone for Private Enterprises was established by the Qingshanhu District of Nanchang City, relying on Nanchagn Hi-Tech Industrial Zone to promote the economic growth. It is one of the ten models for private enterprises in the county and is located in the east part of the city, 3 km away from the city center and in the same area with the Nanchagn Hi-Tech Industrial Zone, where the environment is good, transportation systems are excellent and resources are abundant.

Since its establishment, Nanchagn Scientific and Technological Zone for private enterprises has done a lot to improve the investment environment, attract investment and construct the infrastructure facilities so as to promote the economic growth in the zone. During the past five years, its administration has invested more than 300 million yuan to build 9 roads in the zone. At the same time the administration carried out many facilities projects such as water supply, drainage, electricity supply, telecommunications, lighting, etc. and all these facilities are parts of the city network. The zone has taken shape as the land has been leveled and all facilities are available.

During the same period, about 130 enterprises and companies such Nanchang Monarch Enterprise, Yingzhi Textile, Wahaha Drinks, Ruixian Lighting Electrics, Zhijiang Packing, Chuanqi Pharmaceutical Industry, Baite Biology, etc. come to the zone. The total investment amounts 4.8 billion yuan, and the income from technology, industries and trading has been 4 billion yuan, taxes 230 million and jobs created 8000. It has become one of the bloom economic places in the province, and the food processing industry, drinks, textile and garment making, biological medicine, printing and packing, mechanics and electronics are the core industries in the zone.