Development Zones
Nanchang Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone

Nanchang, the capital city of Jiangxi province, lies in the central area between the coastal areas and inland areas. The city possesses modern stereoscopic transport network: Beijing-Kowloon Railway, Zhejiang-Jiangxi Railway and Anhui-Jiangxi Railway cross each other here; the express highways take the shape of the Chinese character ‘°Μμ‘±, making up a 6 hour economic circle; convenient water ways carry boats and ships to call ports along the Yangtz River and down to Shanghai; there are more than 30 air routs in the modern international Changbei Airport.
Nanchang Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone is a state-owned development zone located in the east of Nanchang City. The zone is in the best ecological area with the Ganjiang River passing by in the north and the Yaohu Lake, Aixihu Lake and Qingshanhu Lake in the area, and is an ideal place for investment. Being the natural extension of the city, the zone enjoys all kinds of infrastructure facilities that are functioning well. The roads, telecommunications systems, water and electricity supplies, drainage and sewage, gas piping networks have been leveled. The factories are like in gardens, the facilities are well matched and the environment is ecological.
As the first class services have been offered, the cost of investment to the zone is low and many enterprise have been built up in the zone: there are more than 600 enterprises here, more than 60% are hi-tech ones, many state and provincial incubators are born here, scientific and technological zones are established here, tens of the companies have gone public, hundreds of hi-tech projects are conceived here, such as electronics and information industry, software, biochemical medicine, energy saving environment protection and mining products of the processing are the backbone industries in the zone and the hi-tech industry group has taken shape.
In 2003, the hi-tech zone generated total revenue of RMB 12 billion in technology, industry and trade; gross industrial produce of RMB 10.5 billion, foreign exchange earnings is USD 36.74 million, profits and taxes are RMB 1.8 billion and fiscal revenue RMB 374 million.