Development Zones
Longnan Jingtang Development Zone

Longnan Jingtang Development Zone is in the southeast Part of Longnan County and by the planned area of the new county town. The Longnan Railway Station on the Beijing-Kowloon Railway is in the zone and State Highway 105 and Jiangxi-Guangdong Express Highway go through it. There is also a 220,000 KV power transformer station from East China Power Supply Grid and a water supply plant with a daily capacity of 40,000 tons in the zone. The infrastructure facilities for the industries and the service are excellent.

By the end of 2003, there were total 116 enterprises in the zone, of which 41 were scaled ones and 3 were listed home and abroad, engaging in garments, toys and textile production, hardware and plastics production, rare-earth further processing, and food processing. The total investment is about RMB 940 million and 89 enterprises have been in operation. In 2003, the gross produce in the zone was RMB 27.5 million and jobs created were 1460.

According to the development plan, the zone aims at becoming: the east side of State Highway 105 in Liren Zone, a model base for high-tech agriculture, on the west side is a labor-intense enterprise area producing fine hardware and plastic products; Huilong Zone is a metallurgical industry and building materials industry area. The private enterprise zone and the County Industrial Zone is produce garment, textile, crafts and toys; the area between the County Industrial Zone and the State Highway 105 is for administration and services; Daluo Zone is for rare-earth processing, electronics, precise machinery industries and is the high-tech district in the zone; Dongjiang Zone is for light industries such as food processing, new building material industries.