Tourism in Jingdezhen

The tourism resources of Jingdezhen are rich with deep connotation, and it owns the special privilege including the ceramics culture, place of culture interest and ecological environment and so on, particularly in advantageous condition of the ceramics resource. There has been found more than 30 ceramics historical ruins, such as the famous ancient ceramic material producing area, such as the ruin of the royal kilns in the Ming and Qing Dynasty, ranked in the National and Provincial Historical Relic's Protection Units. In Jingdezhen, there are many landscapes and sights, such as perfectly preserved the clusters of Ming and Qing Buildings, the houses group of the Anhui style, the ancient play stage, the ancient County Office in Fuliang which is known as the Number One in the south of the Yangtze River and the second in China, the old Sanlu Temple named after the Sanlu Daifu (the senior official of Kingdom Chu)--Quyuan, the Red Tower where the first emperor in Ming Dynasty-Zhu Yuanzha'ng hid in a battle, the platform to face upward to the virtuous in Yaoli, the fairyland in Hongyuan, the Sun Island, the Moon Lake, the Yangfu Temple, the Lijushan Mountain, the Jade Green Lake. Jingdezhen is also the area of glory revolutionary heritage, the famous Reorganization of the New Fourth Army ever happened in Yaoli town in Fuliang, Zhongpu Town in Leping was the cradle of the Red Tenth Army. In 1997, the National Tourism Administration commended the city to be one of the 35 trump sights in the 97' China tourism year.

Jingdezhen is rich in the natural resource, has good ecological environment. The main mineral products are porcelain stone, Kaolin, coal, tungsten, gold dust, cuprum, fluorite, sulphur, limestone, marble etc. Especially the deposit of porcelain stone, Kaolin is very abundance, and the reserves verified at present can be exploited for over 300 years. The coverage race of forest in the whole city reaches 60.9%, which is the important forest area in Jiangxi Province. About 50 kilometers far away from the downtown there are primary forests where inhabit many bears, tigers and monkeys and so on, and grow the yew and other rare trees. In Fuliang County, the villages in Yaoli Town and in Ehu Town are enveloped in the cloud and mist all round the year. In history, the special local products in Jingdezhen were:Ħħ The first is porcelain, tea goes secondary". Tea is one of the famous products in Jingdezhen. As early as the Tang Dynasty, Jingdezhen was the important tea-distributing center all over the country, the poem "Pipa (lute) Row " by the famous poet Bai Juyi said that "The businessman pays more attention to the huge profit than his family, last month he went to Fuliang for tea ". At that time, the tax revenue of tea from Jingdezhen occupied 3/8 in the whole tax revenue of tea of the country. The tea "Fuhong (Redfu)" owns a long-standing international reputation, ever was awarded the golden prize in the Panamanian World Fair in 1915. The famous brand green tea with high-quality, "Deyu Living Tea", "Cliff Jade in Yaoli", "Immortal Tea as glossy ganoderma at Jasper Lake" have been developed and cultivated in these years sold well in the market. The "Deyu Living Tea" has been selected to be used in the Great Hall of the People as the special offered tea and the state banquet tea.

Now, the people in the city take the inspection of the General Secretary Jiang Zemin as the motive force, according to the Secretary of C.C.P Provincial Party Committee--Meng Jianzhu's general imagination--"Regenerate the city's strong power, become a powerful economic city artd a tourism city which combined the historical culture and the modern civilization together in the south of Yangtze River", carry forward the spirit of Jinggangshan Mountain energetically, steadily increase with each passing hour, work hard and pursue strongly, advance the industrialization, urbanization, informationization all-sidedly, struggle hard in order to turn Jingdezhen into a rich, civilized modernized mountains and rivers (landscape) ecological garden city.