The Old Fuliang County

The old Fuliang County was established in the 11th year of Yuanhe Reign of Tang Dynasty (817 A.D) and has a long history over 1180 years. Since Tang Dynasty, Jing Dezhen, the porcelain capital nowadays, was subordinated to Fuliang County. The old Fuliang County was all along where the county seat was, and also was the center of politics, economy and culture. Since the ancient times, Fuliang County was the special county for its level was five, two grade higher than other counties. The reason was the culture of porcelains and tea culture. (Three international trades in ancient times were porcelain, tea and silk.) In Tang Dynasty, the porcelains made by the two ceramic craftsmen Huo Zhongchu and Taoyu in Fuliang County was so exquisite that could be mixed with the real jade. At present, it has been developed as a tourism zone characterized by the places of historic interest and scenic beauty with a rich cultural heritage. The ancient county government office is the only well-preserved of that kind in the south of the Yangtze River; the Red Tower, a Buddhism tower, is the existing oldest tower in Jiangxi Province, and is honored the first tower in Jiangxi; the magnificent gate tower of old county seat, historical culture gallery, millennium ceramic altar, the museum of precious pieces of porcelains and so on are worthy of visiting for tourists. In order to demonstrate the culture of official system in ancient times, the performances of putting on trial and the ceremony of soldiers cruising has been developed and performed in the tourism zone.