The original County Government Office in Fuliang County
Original County Government Office

Known as ¡°the First county government office in the south of the Yangtze¡±, the existing original county government office was built in Daoguang Reign of Qing Dynasty, which is the only well-preserved of the sort of Qing Dynasty in the south area of the Yangtze River. It exhibits the art of ancient architecture and the regime and system of Qing Dynasty. From its establishment to abolishment, it experienced lots of alternations of powers, having a glorious history over 170 years. Jing Dezhen was subordinated to Fuliang County in the history. The county government office remains the original appearances: first gate, ceremonial gate, courtyard, principal hall, secondary hall and third hall, and with an area of 2660 square meters. There is a hundred-meter-long paved path from the first leading to the principal hall with old cypresses on each side. Inside the government office exhibits many ancient official robes, implements for punishment, weapons, official sedan chairs, clamping sticks and all sorts of inscribed scrolls and boards. The whole county government office had not been painted and the carving was simple too, it was a true reflection of impoverishment of imperial treasury, suggesting that Qing Dynasty was stepping into eclipsing, so there is a saying ¡°a county government office shows half of the historical account of Qing Dynasty¡±.