Brief Introduction of Pingxiang City

Pingxiang is located in the west of Jiangxi Province, respectively adjacent to Yichun and Ji¡¯an of Jiangxi Province to the east and south, Zhuzhou and Liuyang of Hunan Province to the west and north. As the ¡°western gate¡± of Jiangxi Province and east of China, Pingxiang is situated in an important geographical position in the economic development zone of west of Jiangxi, that why it is called ¡°the way to Jiangxi and Hunan Province¡±. Piangxiang lies in the center of the economic circle of Changsha, Zhuzhou and Xiangtan of Hunan Province; it is also influenced by the Pearl River Delta region and Fujian economic zone. It possesses unique geographical advantages, with Shanghai-Kunming railway passing through and connecting with Jinggguang and Jingjiu railyways. The downtown region is just 120 kilometers far from Huanghua Airport in Changsha of Hunan Province.

Standing at 113¡ã35¡¯--114¡ã17¡¯E, 27¡ã20-- 28¡ã0¡¯N, Pingxiang city has a subtropical humid climate, characterized by clearly-cut seasons, mild climate, plentiful sunshine, abundant rainfall, long-frost free term, and short frigid winter.

With a total area of 3,827 square kilometers and a population of 1,829,200, Pingxiang administrates Luxi County, Shangli County, Lianhua County, Anyuan and Xiangdong Districts and economic development zone.