Natural Resources in Pingxiang

Pingxiang is famous for its abundance of mineral resources since ancient times. The mineral proven reserves are rich in coal, iron, copper, wolfram, limestone, kaolin, quartz and porcelain clay. The prospective reserve of coal reaches to 852,000,000 tons; iron and fine limestone reserve are 67,600,000 tons and 67 billion tons respectively.

Pingxiang is a city on coal. In 1898, Sheng Xuanhuai, the minister of Post Office in Qing Dynasty, set up a coal mine in Anyuan District, and then in 1908, the first joint stock venture¡ªHan Yeping company was established and the Zhuping railway was built. Pingxiang coal mine was an important component of the company, and it was the first coal mine that adopted the foreign machines in manufacturing, transporting, coal-washing and coking. In 1916, the volumes of mine run coal and coke are 950,000 and 250,000 tons respectively; thereafter it was honored ¡°the capital of coal mine in the south of China¡±.

The forest coverage of Pingxiang reaches to 55.4% and has 1,200 kinds of plant species. The water resource is abundant too£¬there are five rivers in the city, which are Yuanshui, PIngshui, Caoshui, Lianjiang, Sushui and so on.