Historical Evolution of Pingxiang

In the New Stone Times in 5000 years ago, there were people of Sanmiao nationality living and working here in Pingxiang. PIngxiang was subordinated to Yangzhou in Western Zhou Dynasty, and then respectively administered by Wu and Chu Region in Spring-Autumn and Warring State Period. In Three Kingdoms Period, Sunhao, the emperor of Wu set up Pingxiang County, with county seat in Gugang in Luxi District. In the reign of Wude Emperor in Tang Dynasty (619 A.D), the government office was moved to Feng Huangchi in Pingxiang. In 1295, Pingxiang was graded from county to state level. After the establishment of CPC in 1949, Pingxiang subordinated to Nanchang special region, which was renamed Yichun special region. In March 1970, PIngxiang was escalated to municipal city governing four districts.