Bai Ludong Academy

Bailu Dong Academy, built in 940 ADis one of the four famous academies in China. Situated in the south of Houping Mountain of Wulao peak in Lushan Mountain, Bai Ludong Academy is built close to the mountain, and all pavilions set off one another in loft trees.

The founder of Bai Ludong Acaedmy can be originated to Libo in Tang Dynasty, who sequestered himself from the world and lived here. Libo tamed a white deer, followed him everywhere and even transfered letters and other things for him, so Libo called himself Mr. Bailu (which means white deer in Chinese) and the place was named Bai Ludong. In the end of Tang Dynasty, because of the turmoil of war, schools were destroyed, many scholars who went to Mt. Lushan for retreating and refuging, always discussed and communicated to each other in Bai Ludong. Then in Southern Tang Dynasty, Bai Ludong was officially become an institution of higher learning, which was the start that school established here. In Song Dynasty, academies were established everywhere in the country, so it was called Bai Ludong Academy. After the redecoration by Zhuxi, the famous educator in Southern Song Dynasty, it was well known in the whole country and then ranked in the four famous academies in the country with Yuelu Academy, Ying Tianfu Academy and Songyang Academy. Zhuxi not only redecorated Bai Ludong Academy, but drew up the strict bylaws for it.

At present, Bai Ludong Academy forms a system of management of cultural relics, education, learning, tourism and forest construction.