Poyang Lake

Poyang Lake is located in the north of Jiangxi Province, on the south bank of Yangtze River, between Jiujiang and Nanchang. Its north is Yangtze River and its west is Mt. Lushan. The vast and misty PoyangLake is connected with the blue sky. Under the brilliant sunshine, boats are going to the lake and birds are flying happily. In the rainy day, the water and cloud are boundless and indistinct, the wind and waves are highest. The morning sunlight and the evening sun is a scene majestic in all its variety. Wang Bo of Tang Dynasty wrote Tengwang Pavilion Poetry preface: ¡°the falling sunset clouds and the lonely bird are flying together, the autumn water and the sky in same color¡±. It described the scenery of the PoyangLake.

The Poyang Lake with Gangjiang River, Fu River, Xiu River, Rao River are flowing together into Yangtze River. The Poyang Lake is a vast expanse of misty, rolling waters. It is the biggest freshwater lake. It is famous for its rich in fish and rice, convenient transportation, beautiful scenery. The view of the mountain and river is wonderful. Stone Bell Hill, Shoe Hill, Fallen-Star Mound, Jun Hill, Yin Hill and Shoulder pole Hill is standing beside the lake.

Since the geographical and the climatic condition are fit for migrant birds to spend their winters, there are thousands of migrant birds from different areas to spend their winter here (From late autumn to early winter). Many migrant birds are from Siberia, Mongolia, Japan, Korea, Northeast China, Northwest China and leave during March. Now, there are more than 200 kinds of birds in the Natural Preserve of Poyang Lake including more than 20 kinds of well-known rare birds. It is the biggest bird Natural Preserve in the world. It is called ¡°the Second Great Wall in China¡± by the foreign visitors.