Development Zones
Introduction of Xinyu High-Tech Economic Development Zone

Xinyu High-tech Economic Development Zone was founded in Nov 9th, 2001. Being the pioneer of the country adopting international bidding for the overall planning of the park, we invited American Longan architecture designing company. The zone has a high starting point, high standard, first class in China and international general programming. It aims at creating a modern green city providing fascinating working and living condition.

Xinyu High-Tech Economic Development Zone, one of the ten major provincial industrial parks, is the paradise of investors, who can enjoy convenient transportation, high quality service, preferential policy and graceful environment here. With a principle of ˇ°projects are its top priority and businessmen from outside are Godsˇ±, the main concern of the development zone is high returns, good credit, high efficiency and warm service. As a result, investors from home and abroad flood into Xinyu and more than 130 companies have been rooted in the zone, including Chunlong(reflective material) Group, Hong Kong Meteor Corp, Huatong Electronic Group, Yulong Group, Kowloon Proprietary Group, China Huayuan Rug Co., Hong Kong Fortune Group Jiangsu Yurun Foodstuff Group, Xinhua Metalwork Corp. and other Chinese famous companies. Kinds of industries have been established, consisting of the electronic industry with electronic products, DVD, Siemens W-EF lighting equipment and electronic scales as the major products; the steel industry with aluminum clad steel wire, pre-stressing strand, steel strips, stainless steel pressing and extension as well as pipes as the mainstay. During the past three years since foundation, the zone has brought in 3.375 billion RMB at home and $ 38.86 million overseas. It was awarded Ten Top Parks for Investing in 2003 and Top Ten Industrial Parks in 2004 by the provincial government.

Take a look at the High-tech Economic Development Zone right now: roads extending in all directions, workshops side by side, projects under heated construction, taking on a lively view. A multifunctional, environmental protective and modern industrial zone is rising rapidly in eastern Xinyu. State owned enterprises have been stripped down and non-public economies are developing, a couple of companies expand rapidly. Xinyu Steel Corp. got more than 10 billion RMB in sales, which drives other 11 backbone companies get more than 100 million RMB in sale per year and then ingather more than 1 billion RMB in 3 years. Another 13 companies whose sales incomes are over 50 million RMB also will achieve 100-million-company in 3 years.The rapid development of the High-tech Economic Development Zone and backbone corporations bring in more new economic growth poles to the city and lay the foundation for achieving the goal of RMB 50 billion industrial sales.