Construction of Xinyu Development Zone

Being the pioneer of the country and adopting international bidding for the overall planning of the park, we invited American Longan architecture designing company, Australian BAU Building and City Designing Firm, City Planning and Designing Academy of Shanghai Tongji University to conduct the designing of the zone. Combined the advanced planning concept of western developed countries with the practical situations here, the overall planning turns the zone into a modern ecological place with strong serviceability and fine environment for working and living.

Located in the middle of western Jiangxi Province, Xinyu City is an important corridor joining the west and the east of China, accessing to the coastal economically developed areas to middle and western China. It has convenient transportation, with several railway lines and highways passing through this area, including Hukun Railway, Hurui Expressway, Ganyue Expressway and Wuji Expressway. There is only 860 kilometers far from Shanghai, 700 kilometers from Hangzhou, 750 kilometers from Fuzhou, 760 kilometers from Guangzhou, 280 kilometers from Changsha, 490 kilometers from Wuhan, 600 kilometers from Hefei and 135 kilometers from Nanchang, and all these places can be reached directly by highways.

Electricity Supply
The electricity in Xinyu is supplied by Gan Grid of Central China Electricity Grid. Datang International Xinyu Generation Company is one of the four provincial main power plants and Ganxi Electricity Generating Company is the second biggest in the province. There installed capacity is 1,000,000Kw. Within the zone, there is a 500kv, a 220KV, a 110KV substation, and another 110KV substation will be in used in the end of 2008, which guarantee sufficient electricity and a cheaper electricity fee for the development zone compared to the coastal cities(20--35% cheaper).

Human Resources
Xinyu city has abundant human resources, with a population of 12 million within 100sq km. With a good reputation in running private schools, Xinyu is famous for "Phenomenon of Xinyu" called by the state Ministry of Education. There are more than 200,000 workers including 15,000 advanced engineers and technicians in big and medium-sized industrial enterprises. It has attracted more than 90,000 students here, and the college has offered many major courses for students, such as mechanics, electronics, textile, costumes and so on. The enterprises are given preference to select graduates according to their demands or directly train students in college. Xinyu College is the only college in china offering PV solar material processing and application majors for students at present. It chiefly trains special talents in operation, technical management, products inspection, quality control and many other related jobs around PV solar industry. The development zone has set up a Labor and Employment Service Bureau to hold regular interviews on Saturdays.

To build up a world-class solar PV industrial base
At present, Jiangxi Saiwei LDK Energy High-tech Company, the largest PV enterprise in Asia, the second largest in the world, has successfully listed on NYSE under the symbol ¡°LDK¡± on 4th, June 2007, which has created the largest amount of money on IPO in Chinese PV enterprise. The project's 3rd phase of yearly producing 1600MW wafer project has started, whose year production capacity is planned to improve gradually in the future, and the goal of the enterprise is to become a major supplier of wafer in the world. With a total investment of 12 billion RMB, the 15000 tons poly-silicon project has been launched, and the first phase will be finished at the end of 2008. Saiwei's development provides a wide space to develop its downstream and supporting enterprises. Many relevant enterprises have been brought in: Sinoma Group, a manufacture of Quartz Ceramic Crucibles and silicon nitride: Solartech Energy Group, Jiangxi Talen Electric Company, which produces cell and components: Na'er lamps and lanterns Company, which produce solar energy streetlights obsession; and many other companies, which produce silicon carbide power and other accessorial materials for wafer and poly¡ªsilicon production. Xinyu has formed a complete industrial chain of ¡°poly¡ªsilicon ¡ª wafer¡ªcell ¡ª components ¡ª application production¡± in china. The scale, technique, quality and economic benefit of PV industry are top in China, even in the world, and has advantages in building up the ¡°wafer capital of the world¡± and the important PV base in the world. Solar PV industry has been put into one of three provincial industries of which the sales income will go beyond 100 billion Yuan by 2010. Xinyu also regards solar PV industry as the most important project and will give more beneficial policy and support to those investors related to solar PV.

Metal calendaring and processing
Xinyu city, called ¡°City of Steel¡± is established on the basis of steel. Xinyu Steel & Iron Co. Ltd, ran the 23rd in China and the 57th in the world, is the national key ferroalloy base, whose medium plates, wires, reinforced bars, sheets, blast furnace ferromanganese, steel strip, pipes, wire rods, metal products, threaded steel and silicon steel are the important raw materials for production and construction of industrial enterprises. Its yearly output of steel will reach 8,000,000 tons in 2008 after the technical reform is finished. At present, steel and iron calendaring industry has been formed and led by Xinhua Metal Products Co. Ltd, which is the forerunner of the high¡ªintensity, low laxity pre¡ªstress stranded steel wire producer in China£®

New materials
China Sinoma Group is the only Trade and Industry integration of large enterprise group in producing non metallic materials and products, one of 56 large enterprise groups approved by the State Council, and ranks the top 500 Chinese enterprises and companies over past years. The new solar Jiangxi Sinoma Group Corporation, located in the development zone, is the only solar ingot manufacturer used quartz ceramic crucibles in China now. The corporation plans to set up a new materials production base in the zone, whose output value will reach more than 10 billion Yuan within three years.

Jiangxi Lithium factory had been reorganized by Sichuan Nike Guorun Company and Jiangxi Jiangli New Materials Co. Ltd has been set up. The company has formed an annual production capacity of 8,000 tons of lithium salt, 5,000 tons of electrolytic nickel£®The company plans to expand investment and reach an annual production capacity of 20,000 tons of electrolytic nickel 120,000 tons of electrolytic zinc. In addition, Jiangxi Ganfen lithium Co. Ltd is a high ¨C tech Enterprise, specializing in catalysts for lithium, lithium batteries, lithium chloride, lithium fluoride, carbonated rubidium, cesium carbonate such as lithium, rubidium and cesium£®

Textile and costumes
There are more than 6000 workers working in textile and costume industry in the city and the development zone. Xinyu Far Eastern Textile Co. Ltd is the key base for producing cotton yarn, polyester thread; ---Jiangxl Xincheng textile and dyeing Co. Ltd specializes in the production of high grade environmental non¡ªwoven cloth; and Xinyu Huateng Carpet industrial Park Companies is the largest carpet manufacturer in the country; Jiangxi Chun Long Reflective Material Co. Ltd can provide a good support to the textile and garment industry.

The electricity and water supply, program controlled telephones, wideband network, mobile phone networks and digital telecommunication network have already been all connected with urban areas and after the implementation of providing the gas from west into use in eastern areas, the natural gas can be directly used in development zone in 2009. Xinyu Economic Development Zone can share various resources with downtown areas. The 60 km road network and water drains projects have all been finished in the zone, and Chengdong city sewage treatment plant can handle 80,000 tons of sewage disposals, the total handling capacity of the sewage treatment is 160,000 tons. There are many rational commercial outlets, health care facilities, culture and entertainment supporting facilities within the zone.

Logistic Transportation and Export Clearance
Xinyu Customs and Xinyu Import and Export Commodity Inspection Bureau have been established in this zone, providing conveniences for import and export of products. The railway freight transportation marshaling station boasts an annual handling capacity of 3 million tons of freight; Ganxi Storage House with 0.2 billion investments by Zhongshan Tianrun Logistic Company and Material Districution Center have been settled in the zone too. The combined transport by rail and sea from Nanchang, Jiujiang to seaside big cities such as Shenzhen, Shanghai, Ningbo and Xiamen have begun so that the import goods in Nanchang or Shenzhen stations can be declared, examined and passed once for all, and the export and import business can be operated by one card. The service for fixed destination, time, price, transport line and number for the inland transport are available, which is characterized by speedy operation, fixed arriving time, low transport cost, safety and reliability. Containers can be packed here and shipped from Nanchang to seaside big cities, and then to various parts of the world, which can greatly reduce the export transport cost. The Xiangpu Railway (Xiangtang to Putian) is under construction, when it is completed, it will become the major railway joining the western and eastern of China, and greatly shortening the transportation time and cost.