Tourism in Xinyu


Kongmu River National Wetland Park 

Surrounded by hills on three sides, and with Kongmu and Yuan River passing through the city on the other side, Xinyu enjoys a beautiful and comfortable environment with Baoshi Park in the south, Yang Tiangang Forest Park in the north, Kongmu River National Wetland Park (the only national wetland park in Jiangxi Province) in the East, the Fairy Lake (4A Tourist Attraction and national key scenic area) in the west, five lakes including Beihu Lake, Xianlai Lake, Changlin Lake, Nanhu Lake, Wanqing Lake in the middle. The urbanization rate is 51.2%, ranking first five in the province. Based on the principle of ¡°protecting mountain, purling water, keeping green¡±, Xinyu government began the Kongmu River and Yuan River Project, speeded up the construction and reconstruction of Xianlai Avenue, Baoshi Avenue, and the Fairy Lake Avenue, Yangtian Avenue, Laodong Road, and strengthened the construction of Kongmu River National Wetland Park, Baoshi Park, Yang Tiangang Forest Park and the Municipal Public Square in Economic Development Zone. Moreover, the new campus of Xinyu College, the People¡¯s Hospital, Workers¡¯ Cultural Palace, the Municipal Public Library, and Museum of Natural Science are under construction. At present, the frame of ¡°new city with five district, two rivers and four riverbanks¡± has been almost formed. The urban area now covers 60 square kilometers, with 430,000 urban residents. Xinyu is also rich in natural resources, and there are over 30 national key protected precious and rare tree species in its subtropical forestry center in the Institute of Forestry.

In order to encourage a leap-over development on the tertiary industry and to improve its contribution to the National economy, Xinyu is speeding up its development in tourism with a focus on the Fairy Lake Scenic Area and Yang Tianggang Forest Park. As a 4A Tourist Attraction and national key scenic area, the Fairy Lake named after the story Seven Fairies Descending to the World, which was wrote by Ganbao of Eastern Jin Dynasty in his book ¡°Anecdotes about Spirits and Immortals¡± 1600 years ago. The Fairy Lake is a combination of water culture and legends about ancient fairies. There are 3 scenic masterpieces, including islands and canyons with winding waterways, Plants pool, and underwater ancient city of thousands of years old. Yang Tiangang Forest Park, the largest urban ecological park in Jiangxi Province, is on the way of becoming to be a mountain famous for its Taoism culture, a new ecological city, and the most beautiful urban forest park in Jiangxi. Baoshi Park will be reconstructed to be a national well-known high-class park with entertainment and culture. At present, we are pushing forward infrastructure construction including the Fairy Lake Tourism Avenue, Buddhism Cultural Park, Sports Park, Longhua International Leisure Center Tian Gong Kai Wu City (named after the book ¡°Exploitation of the Works of Nature¡±, a famous Encyclopedia of Technology with illustration by Song Yingxing in Ming Dynasty)and Museum of Natural Science. Scenic Spot tourism, city tourism and tourism and culture tourism are complementing each other. The year 2007 saw nearly 2,950,000 domestic and foreign tourists, and the total revenue of tourism in the same year were added up to 1.732 billion RMB. Along with the volume of rail freight transport highest in Nanchang Railway Bureau, the trade and business in Xinyu is well developed.