Brief Introduction of Xinyu City

Located in the middle part of Jiangxi Province, the city of Xinyu lies between two provincial capitals Nanchang and Changsha. With a total area of 3,178 square Kilometers and a population of 1,100,000, it administrates Fenyi County, Yushui District, the Fairy Lake Scenic Area, Economic Development Zone, and Administrative Committee of Yang Tianggang Hill. At 27¡ã33¡ä£­28¡ã05¡äN, 114¡ã29¡ä-115¡ã24¡äE, Xinyu city has a subtropical humid climate, characterized by clearly-cut seasons, mild climate, plentiful sunshine, abundant rainfall, long-frost free term, and short frigid winter.

Xinyu enjoys a long history dated back to 200,000 years ago, when the ancestors of Xinyu people began to cultivate painstakingly and multiply generation after generation on this land. Xinyu County was built in the second year of Wubaoding Period of Three Kingdoms. This land has nurtured many celebrities including Luzhao, one of the famous scholars in Tang Dynasty (618-907A.D), Wang Qinruo, the first prime minister from Southern Yangtze River areas during Northern Song Dynasty(960-1127 A.D), Yan Song, one of the prime ministers of Ming Dynasty (1480-1565), Fu Baoshi, one of the most famous painters highlighted by contemporary Chinese Paintings, and David Ho, the Time Magazine's Man of 1996, who wais famous for his achievements in AIDS research. Song Yingxing wrote the book ¡°Exploitation of the Works of Nature¡±, one of the most important scientific works in the world during his stay in Fenyi County. It¡¯s also the site of the famous Luofang Conference, which was held during the 2nd Chinese Democratic Revolutionary War period and Mao Zedong, the former chairman of CPC, wrote the book ¡°Investigation of Xingguo County¡± right here.

Xinyu Municipality was founded for its industry, a relative perfect industrial system has come into being, which is that putting iron and steel industry as mainstay, and other industries such as machinery, textile, chemical industry, construction material, power, coal and foodstuff as the pillar. As the largest production base of iron and steel in Jiangxi province and a major ferroalloy base in the country, Xinyu Iron and Steel Co. Ltd is marching towards the competitive base of plate production. In the beginning of 2005, a goal has been defined by CPC Xinyu Committee and Xinyu municipal government, and is to struggle for a large-scale industrial sales income of 50 billion within 3 years. It is estimated that the industry in Xinyu will step into a new development stage until 2007. With an urban area of 45 square kilometers and a population of 330,000, the urbanization is speeding up by the rate of 47%, more than 10% higher than the provincial average.

Located in an economic circle within 8-hour ride to Shanghai and Guangzhou, and with Beijing-Kowloon Railway passing by and Zhegan Railway joining the west to the east, Xinyu enjoys advantageous location, convenient transportation and favorable investing environment. Also Xinyu is the intersection of Ganyue, Hurei and Wuji expressways under construction. As the biggest power load center in western Jiangxi, Xinyu Power Generating Company and Fenyi Power Plant are the major electricity generating enterprises in Jiangxi. With Fairy Lake storage, the rich water resource is in a long supply for daily life and industry.

It is a peaceful and harmonious city with graceful surroundings and top-class living environment. Its public greenery patches per person and greenery rate is the first in Jiangxi Province. This city has won many good names, such as, National Advanced City in afforestation, Garden City of Jiangxi Province, and National Advanced City in the Integrated Management of Social Security for 12 years. Various social undertakings are developing rapidly. Xinyu has a good reputation throughout the country in running private schools with major indicators of basic education topping in province. It is the National Hygenic City, National Key City of table tennis. Xinyu is striving forward to turn it into a regional central city with an aim to realizing the goal of leading the province a relative comfortable life for people.