Natural Resources in Ganzhou
Gannan sits in the middle of subtropics with a superior location. The climate is mild with flush quantity of heat and rain for the sake of the adjustment of the ocean climate and the surrounding of the high hills which can relatively slow down the southeast typhoon and the northwest cold wave. The timeliness, the favorable geographical position gives the city abundance natural resources which has economic advantage and can be called treasure place.


The total land area of the city is 3,931,714.1 hektares. Because of the influence of geologic constitution and the soil type, it forms that the land is of strong regional type and has distinct difference which has lots of hilly region, little plain, small areas of plowland, scare resource of plowland in support, large quantity of the land with small possess each person. By 2004, land used in agriculture is 3,606,969 hektares with 375,753.45 of plowland, 79,776.23 of garden plot, 3,017,359.5 of woodland, others 133,328.02. Land used in construction is 145,085.98 hektares with 115,846.29 of dwellers and working places, 11,204.65 of transportation, 18,035.01 of irrigation works, 179,659.05 of unused places. The area of plowland in support is 31,908 hektares which is below the national per capita except the woodland.


There are 1,270 rivers in the city with the area of 144,900 hektares, the length of 16,626.6 kilometers and the density of 0.42 kilometers per square kilometer. The average quantity is 33.57 billion cubic meters with 3.9 thousand per capita which is 70% higher than the average figure of the country. Ganzhou has abundant of water resource. Among the above, surface water occupies 32.753 billion cubic meters, underground water 7.913 billion cubic meters which is 24.46% of the total quantity. There are 53 hot springs in the 15 counties with the most in Xunwu except Zhanggong District, Gan County and Nankang, one place is hottest with 79”ę and three ones are 21~23”ę. The most quantity of water output is Fenshuiao Spring in Chongyi, which is 50 litres per second. The second is Hugang Spring in Anyuan, which is 24.89 litres per second. The springs are developed partly used to foster fishes, raise seedling, breed, wash and tour.


Gannan is one of the commercial forestry base areas and woodlands which has various kinds, complex ingredient and a long history. It keeps a lot of tertiary plants and is the refuge of ancient plants. It is also the cradleland of East Asia plants and the region of plenty precious species of trees. Jiulian Hill, which locates at the southwest of the city, is the most integrate part of natural ecosystem of the middle subtropics where has some living fossil of wild animals and plants and precious species of trees. There are about 1,500 arbor and shrub species of trees, 500 of arbor, 650 of shrub, 30 of bamboo. The local species of trees are above 1,000 and the abroad ones 100. The species of trees can be grouped as following, 400 of useful species of trees such as fir, camphor, nanmu; 200 of economic species of trees such as chestnut, oil tea, black mimosa, tallowtree, south spondias axillaries; 190 of medical species of trees such as gingkgo, aniseed, eucommia, medlar, fleece-flower root; 100 of virescence species of trees such as metasequoia, cryptomeria, cedar, cycas. The major protected species of trees are 70 kinds, with five first level of tourism tree, bell calyx. umbrella flower, henry emmenopherys and Fujian cypress, twenty-five secondary protected species of trees gingkgo, south oil cedar, podocarp, forty third class protected species of trees oil cedar, South Chinese jade leaves pine, south yew. The area of forest stumpage is 79 million cubic meter, that of open woodland is 30 thousand cubic meter, disperse woodland is 1.3 million, four sides trees is 640 thousand cubic meter, bamboo is 210 million, the cover ratio of forestry is 74.20%.

Wild Animals

There are 55 kinds of wild animals such as macaque, oriental civet cat, clouded leopard, South Chinese tiger, pangolin, 189 kinds of birds such as pied magpie, swallow, culver, lophura nycthemera, kingfisher, 56 kinds of reptiles, 3 kinds of resource insects such as lac insect, white wax insect, nutgall which are widely used as raw material in military, defence, electricity, light industry, medicine, mechanism, rubber, plastic, tanning, food, oil and metallurgy, 131 kinds of natural enemy insects, 242 kinds of pests. Controlled arrested kinds are little muntjac, yellow stoat, ocelot. Forbidden arrested kinds are otter, golden cat, fox, macaque, pangolin. Rare kinds are South Chinese tiger, clouded leopard, pecuniary leopard, sambar, yellow paunch tragopan, lophura nycthemera, flat chest tortoise, giant salamander, thorn chest frog, axolotl.


Gannan is one of the key non-ferrous base areas which is called ”°the City of Tungsten”±, ”°the Kingdom of Rare Earth”±. The found metals are 62 kinds, ten non-ferrous metals(tungsten, tin, molybdenum, bismuth, copper, plumbum, zinc, stibium, nickel, cobalt), ten rare metals(columbium, tantalum, rare earth, lithium, beryllium, zirconium, hafnium, cesium, scandium), four costly metals(gold, silver, platinum, palladium), four black metal(iron, manganese, titanium, vanadium), two radioactivity metals(uranium, thorium), twenty-five non-metals(salt, fluorspar, talcum, nephrite, silica, kaoline, clay, porcelain clay, black lead, asbestos, gypsum, barites, talc, Iceland spar, kalium stone, sulfur, phosphor, arsenic, iodine, big rock, lime rock, white cloud rock), five fuel(coal, stone flame, turf, oil shale, petroleum). Among the above metals, there are over 20 kinds which are proved industrial quantity. Those are tungsten, tin, rare earth, columbium, tantalum, beryllium, molybdenum, bismuth, lithium, zirconium, hafnium, scandium, copper, zinc, iron, titanium, coal, rock salt, fluorspar, sulfur, white cloud rock, lime rock. There are 80 deposits, 1,060 diggings, 80 mineralized points. The economy value of mineral quantity is 300 billion and the arsenic and yellow illinium are the first found minerals in the country.