Invest in Ganzhou
Ganzhou is located in the southern part of Jiangxi province, hence also called Gannan. It neighbours with Fujian in the east, Guangdong in the sorth, Hunan province in the west, in the north, it is connected with Jian, Fuzhou city of the same province. It is the first inland of the Pearl River Triangle, Ming Southeast Triangle and an important passageway from the inland to the southeast coast and also a bridge linking the Changjiang Triangle and south China economic zone.

Ganzhou city is a national historical culture city, a national outstanding tourism city, national sanitary city, national model city in public security comprehensive administration, afforestation and culture, one of the first garden cities in Jiangxi province. The city has an area of thirty-nine thousand four hundred square kilometers, population of eight million three hundred twenty bhousand, ranking one fourth and one fifth of Jiangxi province¡¯s total respectively. It has Zhanggong district, Ruijing city, Nankang city; fifteen counties¡ªGan county, Yudu, Xinfeng, Dayu, Ningdu, Xingguo, longnan, Quannan, Dingnan, Anyuan, Huichang, Xunwu, Shangyou, Congyi, Shicheng and one economic technology developing area under its jurisdiction.

Ganzhou is former red capital, the cradle of the Peple¡¯s Republic. The site of the Chinese soviet interim central government¡ªRuiji, the well-Ruiji, the well-known General county¡ªXingguo and the starting point of the world famous Twenty-five Kilometer long March are all within Ganzhou boundary.

Ganzhou is cradle of Hakka custom and culture. It is the biggest gathering place of hakka people with90%of the whole population all over the world living here. It¡¯s also the first settlement and the earliest transfer station for the hakka people immigrating to the south.

Convenient transportation network

Railway Beijing-kowloon, Ganlong railway run through the whole boundary of the city.
Aviation 4c grade Ganzhou airport has opened airlines to Shenzhen, Xiamen, wenzhou, Nanchang, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou etc.

Water transport Shipping is joined with Changjiang and accessible to all ports.

Highway Changxia one grade highway and four state lines 105,320,319,206 go through the whole city, Ganyue express way and in planned or construction Kunming to Xiamen, Shaoguan to Ganzhou, Jinan to Guangzhou Daqing to Guangzhou expressway will make Ganzhou an important traffic center in south china.

Stable power srply

Ganzhou power grids have joined in middle China power grids, providing electricity source both 110 kilovolt and 220 kilo-volt in circular grids. Main powet grids has stepped into 220kilo-volt voltage. Five hundred kilovolt power grids has started its construction. The city has sufficient power supply cheaper than the average price of the province¡¯s, abort half of the coast area¡¯s.

Advanced telecommunication network

¡°Digitalized Ganzhou¡± project has put into effect in full scale. The telecommunication network has set up with optical cable transmission as main stay and digital microwave, satellite as supplementary. The operation units such as China Telecom¡¢Mobile¡¢Unicom are able to provide varieties of service access into internet and sustaining platform for electronic commerce and public information.

Solid industry foundation

We have basically established a varied industry system comprising nonferrous metallurgy¡¢machinery and electricity generating equipment manufacture¡¢food processing¡¢new building material¡¢chemical engineering pharmacy¡¢modern light textile¡¢forest¡¢coal and a characteristic agricultural industry mainly comprising naval orange¡¢vegetable goods¡¢nursery stock¡¢flowering plant and poultry.

Fine quality of service system

Ganzhou city comprehensive approval service center offers¡°one station¡±approval,¡°one window¡± charge,¡°begin to end¡± service.

Perfect foreign service organizafions

There are custom house¡¢port¡¢commodities inspection¡¢bonded warehouse¡¢container checking place¡¢foreign cooperation institutes. An all-around¡¢multilevel¡¢wide-ranging opening has formed.

Promising future

Ganzhou is conducting ¡°integrate with the Yangtze River, Pearl River and Ming River Delta region and build up a new Ganzhou¡± developing strategy, establishing a system of policy and regulation, financial senice, information network, labour resource, commodity circulation service, trade service, property rights transaction, port service, technology standard and social security, leaking the province in perfecting the socialist market economy.

By the year of 2008,Ganzhou is supposed to be a state garden city with urbanization rate of 40%above,an urban area of seventy sq dm and an urban population of seven hundred thousand, by 2015,will be a modernized regional city radiating Jiangxi,Guangdong,Fujian, Hunan province well suited for habitation and developing busi8ness with an area of one hundred sq km, an urban population of one million, with rich culture connotation, elegant ecological environment, perfect city function, convenient transportation, concentrated industry economy and falloff driving force.

 goal of 2008

GDP reach sixty billion RMB YUAN, comprehensive

Economic strength standing in the front rank of the province

The third further optimization of industry structure, the second industry proportion exceed40%

The annual allocable income of both the rural and urban residents averagely incease by8%and5%or above.

We bolster and support the businessmen to invest money in those fields as follows below despite we don¡¯t have any restriction on the industry¡¢scale¡¢mode of operation of the investment projects, excluding those prohibited by the state law and industry policy.

Industry: six backbone industry: nonferrous metallurgy¡¢food industry¡¢machinery and electronics manufacturing¡¢modern light textile¡¢new type building material and pharmacy etc.

Agriculture: four pillar industry: citrus with naval orange as the main product¡¢merchandised vegetable¡¢nursery stock¡¢flowering plant and grass-eating livestock and fowl.

Commerce and trade: modern commodity circulation¡¢big supermarket¡¢five-star hotel.

Urban construction: urban center function complete facilities¡¢new urban area developing¡¢industry park developing.

Tourism: comprehensive scenic spot developing¡¢integration of tour resources¡¢forge tourism brand.

Education: professional technique education¡¢individual-run primary and secondary school

For the industrial companies with £¤20000000 investment on fixed assets and £¤1000000 annual taxes: Form the year of paying £¤1000000 taxes on, the part of taxes paid to local government will be rewarded to the enterprises to enlarge production or improve technology, according to the following specified conditions:

1.For the general productive companies:50% for the first year and progressively decrease 10% annually from the second year in last year proportion.

2.For the famous domestic and foreign companies moved into Ganzhou:50% for the first and second year and reduce 10% yearly from the third year in last year proportion.

3.For these invested in the fields like nonferrous metal, food processing, biological medicine, machinery and power generating equipment manufacture, new building material producing and modern light textile industry: 50% for the first to third year and reduce 10% yearly from the fourth year in last year proportion

For the high-tech companies awarded by state and the state

-level famous brand products manufactures (within the valid period): from the year of paying taxes on, 80%of the local tax revenue will be returned to them to expand production or technology innovation for the first tear and reduce 10% yearly from the second year in the last year proportion of rewards by the beneficiary finance.

For the agricultural products processing and sale companies with £¤10000000 sales volume and above £¤500.000 annual taxes: from the year of paying taxes of £¤500.000 on, 80% of the paid taxes for the first year and reduce 15% of the bonus yearly form the second year in the last year proportion of rewards. These in comes are rewarded by beneficial finance to encourage companies to enlarge production or improving technology.

For the non-manufacturing companies meeting the state industry policy (excluding real estate, infrastructure) with fixed investment assets of £¤100000000 and yearly taxes of above £¤1000000: from the year of paying taxes of £¤100000 on, 40% of the local tax revenue for the first year and reduce 10% yearly from the second year in the last year proportion of rewards, will be rewarded from the benefited finance to encourage the company.

The productive companies may obtain the right of using land by agreement on selling. The price of the corresponding lands for life occupying less than 15% of the productive land area is with reference to that of the same area.

The companies with large amount cost for land can finish the payment by installment provided applying by itself and the approval of the local government.
If the companies make the lump-sum payment of land, with the approval of local government, the beneficiary finance will reward different proportion of land clear profit as follows to company¡¯s infrastructure. The proportion shall meet the following standard:

1.For the general productive companies: 10%.

2.For those invested in the fields like nonferrous metal¡¢food processing¡¢Biological medicine¡¢mechanical and electrical manufacturing¡¢new building materials¡¢modern light textile industry: 20%.

3.For the domestic and foreign famous companies with research and development base and technical center and the investment on productive companies: 30%.

4.For the productive companies with above £¤20000000 fixed assets quota invested here: 40%.

The city government can issue ¡°one special solution for one item¡± ¡°and one policy for one project¡± on those projects investing one hundred million above on productive item or one hundred fifty million on third industry, or playing an important role on local economy development.