Administration Division of Ganzhou

Ganzhou governs one district, two cities and fifteen counties. Those are Zhanggong District, Nankang, Ruijin, Ganxian, Xinfeng, Dayu, Shangyou, Chongyi, Anyuan, Longnan, Quannan, Dingnan, Xingguo, Ningdu, Yudu, Huichang, Xunwu, Shicheng and the Economy Technology Development District which has Class One function of PeopleĄŻs government management. By the end of 2004, the city holds 283 conties, 8 streets offices, 5 management district, 10 nation forestry centers, 3475 committees and 49139 village groups. 

Administration Division of Ganzhou
Counties(Cities, Districts)
Towns(Subdistricts, Management Districts, forestry centers)
Zhanggong District
Shuidong Town, Shuinan Town, Shuixi Town, Hubian Town, Shashi Town, Shahe Town, Gan River Street Office, Jiefang Street Office, Nanwai Street Office, Dongwai Street Office
Nankang City
Hengshi Town, Tangjing Town, Fenggang Town, Jingba Town, Tankou Town, Longling Town, Longhui Town, Longmu Village, Pingshi Village, Daping Village, Mashuang Village, Eighteen Tang Village, Longhua Village, Sanjiang Village, Taiwo Village, Zhufang Village, Hengzhai Village, Chitu Village, Fushi Village, Rong River Street Office, East Hill Street Office
Ruijin City
Rentian Town, Xiang Lake Town, Wuyang Town, Xiefang Town, Shazhouba Town, Jiubao Town, Ruilin Town, Ridong Village, Yeping Village, Huangbai Village, Dabaidi Village, Dingpo Village, Gangmian Village, Zeqin Village, Baying Village, Yunshi Hill Village, Wantian Village
Gan County
Wangmudu Town, Meilin Town, Maodian Town, Jiangkou Town, Jibu Town, South Tang Town, Shadi Town, Tiancun Town, Wuyun Town, Hanfang Village, Dabu Village, Yangbu Village, Chutan Village, Hujiang Village, Datian Village, Changluo Village, Shiwu Village, Sanxi Village, Bailu Village, Xiaoping Administration District, Youzhen Administration District, Gutian Administration District, Huxin Administration District, Baishi Administration District
Xinfeng County
Jiading Town, Xiniu Town, Datangbu Town, Tieshikou Town, Xiaojiang Town, Zhengping Town, Xiaohe Town, Gupo Town, Daqiao Town, Xintian Town, Youshan Town, DaĄŻe Town, AnĄŻxi Town, Wanlong Village, Chongxian Village, Tiger Hill Village
Dayu County
Xincheng Town, Chitian Town, Zhangdou Town, Qinglong Town, Zuoba Town, Huanglong Town, NanĄŻan Town, Jicun Town, Fujiang Village, Hedong Village, Neiliang Village
Shangyou County
East Hill Town, Yinqian Town, Shexi Town, Doushui Town, Huangbu Town, Meishui Village, Youshi Village, Anhe Village, Shixia Village, Ziyang Village, Shuangxi Village, Shuiyan Village, Pingfu Village, Wuzhifeng Village
Chongyi County
Hengshui Town, Qianchang Town, Changlong Town, Yangmei Town, Guobu Town, Guantian Town, Longgou Town, Jieba Village, Lintan Village, Jinkang Village, Fengzhou Village, Wenying Village, Ledong Village, Shangbao Village, Sishun Village, Niedu Village
Anyuan County
Xinshan Town, Kongtian Town, Banshi Town, Tianxin Town, Longbu Town, Chetou Town, Sanbai Hill Town, Hezi Town, Zhengang Village, Fengshan Village, Gaoyun Hill Village, Xinlong Village, Caifang Village, Chongshi Village, Changsha Village, Shuangwu Village, Tangcun Village, Fucha Village
Longnan County
Longnan Town, Dujiang Town, Chenglong Town, Yangcun Town, Wudang Town, Wenlong Town, Guanxi Town, Liren Town, Taojiang Village, Jiahu Village, Nanheng Village, Lintang Village, Dongjiang Village, Jiulian Hill Forestry Center, Anji Hill Forestry Center
Quannan County
Chengxiang Town, Jinlong Town, Nanjing Town, Potou Town, Daji Hill Town, Longyuanba Town, Longxia Village, Shejing Village, Zhongzhai Village, Xiaoyedong Forestry Center, Mao Hill Forestry Center, Zhaokeng Forestry Center
Dingnan County
Lishi Town, Lingbei Town, Longtang Town, Laocheng Town, Guimei Hill Town, Egong Town, Tianlong Town, Town Street Office
Xingguo County
Lianjiang Town, Jiangbei Town, Gulonggang Town, Meiyao Town, Liangcun Town, Longkou Town, Gaoxing Town, Xingjiang Village, Zhangmu Village, Dongcun Village, Xinglian Village, Jiecun Village, Shefu Village, Butou Village, Longping Village, Yongfeng Village, Yongfeng Village, Chayuan Village, Chongxian Village, Fengbian Village, Nankeng Village, Fangtai Village, Chenggang Village, Dinglong Village, Changgang Village, Juncun Village, Longshan Forestry Center, Jiaokeng Forestry Center, Yuanlin Forestry Center, Junfu Hill Forestry Center, Xionggang Forestry Center
Nindu County
Meijiang Town, Qingtang Town, Changsheng Town, Huangpo Town, Gucun Town, Laicun Town, Shishang Town, Dongshanba Town, Luokou Town, Tiantou Town, Huangshi Town, Xiaobu Town, Zhuzuo Village, Duifang Village, Guhou Village, Tianbu Village, Huitong Village, Zhantian Village, Anfu Village, Dongshao Village, Xiaotian Village, Diaofeng Village, Caijiang Village, Dagu Village
Yudu County
Gongjiang Town, Yinkeng Town, Lingbei Town, Zishan Town, LuoĄŻao Town, Hefeng Town, Qilu Hill Town, Tieshanlong Town, Pangu Hill Town, GeĄŻao Village, Qiaotou Village, MaĄŻan Village, Xianxia Village, Duanwu Village, Chexi Village, Kuantian Village, Shaxin Village, Huanglin Village, Licun Village, Xinpo Village, Luojiang Village, Xiaoxi Village, Jingshi Village
Huichang County
Wenwuba Town, Xijiang Town, Zhuangkou Town, Mazhou Town, Zhoutian Town, Yunmenling Town, Xiaomi Village, BaiĄŻe Village, Zhuangbu Village, Zhulan Village, Xiaolong Village, Gaopai Village, Youshui Village, Qingxi Village, Dongtou Village, Zhantang Village, Zhongcun Village, Yonglong Village, Fucheng Village
Xunwu County
Changning Town, Chengjiang Town, Jitan Town, Nanqiao Town, Liuche Town, Chenguang Town, Guizhumao Town, Shuiyuan Village, Luoshan Village, Dingshan Village, Shanbiao Village, Wenfeng Village, Danxi Village, Longting Village, Changpu Village
Shicheng County
Qinjiang Town, Gaotian Town, Xiaosong Town, Pingshan Town, Hengjiang Town, Mulan Village, Fengshan Village, Dayou Village, Longgang Village, Zhukeng Village
Economy Technology Development District
Tandong Town , Panlong Town , Huangjin Office