Hongyuan Wonderland

Hongyuan wonderland is an important scenic spot and also a forest pack in Jiangxi Province. Hongyuan cave shows a typical landscape of Karst topography, the deep irregular interior of the cave provides fantastic views with stalagmite and stalactite in diversified forms. The stone fields and forests look bizarre and motley. Outside the cave are high steep mountains and dense forests. Mountain streams are flowing around with plenty of water, steep mountains and beautiful rivulets constitute the enchanting landscape. In the early morning, the green mountains are in the mist, showing a picture of the celestial world. Hongyuan cave is close to the homeland of HongHao, a famous minister in Song Dynasty. When he visited Hongyuan cave, he wrote down a line: ¡°Who would have thought the wonderland could be found in the mortal world¡±, which is the name ¡°Hongyuan wonderland¡± came from.