Age-old mining pits, ancient ceramic workshops, ancient kiln sites, watermills, porcelain stone, raw glaze brick and so on, al  those pictures a beautiful original ceramic civilization here in Yaoli in Jingdezhen City.

Ancient ancestral halls, classical front yards and civilian houses, the old-time official residence, old implements, ancient carving works, age-old county street ¡­Here is a place of historic interest where you cam search deeply into the ancient times.

Waterfall, Wanghu Bamboo scape, Meiling pine sea , Wugu Mount secne, Limestone caves and Forests, The secluded valley of the milk way¡­Here is the green home land where you cam feel the nature.

The historic site of reorganization of the New Fourth Army, the Former Residence of General Chenyi, the meeting place for the mobilization of the reristance war against Japan, the Rear office of the new Fourth Army in Yaoli¡­Here¡¯s the revolutionary shrine for patriotic education.

Rare age-old trees, wildwoods, rare animals and birds, high-quality tea from virgin mountains, edible wild herds, green healthy food¡­Here¡¯s the heaven where you can perceive your life and harmonize yourself with the nature.

Ancient Water Mill