Jingdezhen Ceramic Historical Expo Zone
Located in the beautiful maple Hill in the west of Jingdezhen, Jingdezhen ceramic historical Expo Zone consists of ceramic Historical Museum and Ancient Kilns. Ceramic factory buildings,and civilian houses of Ming and Qing Dynasties are the key protected cultural relics of Jiangxi province. The garden style arrangement centered with ancient buildings forms a typical ancient cultural zone and becomes the feature of Jingdezhen's historical culture.

The exhibition of ceramic curiosa in ancient times is in the exposition zone, where you can also see traditional relics and ceramic forming handecraft demonstration, besides ceramic Stele Corridor, Gallery for paintings and calligraphy, the founder¡¯s Temple , the Queen Mother¡¯s Temple. Ancient kiln complexes, the temple of wind &Fire immortality, zhimei studio, ceramists¡¯ Gallery, porcelain street,etc.

The exposition zone covers an area of 83 hectares of a natural scenery, surrounded by hills, characterized by luxuriant forest ripping lakes, rows of ceramic workshops, and dotted with rare flower beds and bamboo groves.  A natural scenery and the anthroplgeography makes it a world-famous scenic spot. The exposition zone is one of china¡¯s 100 educational bases for patriotism. The model of civilized tourist scenic spots and the Gardenization zone of Jiangxi Province, and one of the first 3 A national scenic spots.