Jiangxi Culture
Jiangxi Cuisine

Jiangxi Cuisine has a long history. Inheriting from the Wenren Cuisine (Cuisines loved by literators), Jiangxi Cuisine has developed into the countryside Cuisine with strong and distinct characteristics of local areas. It consists of local Cuisines of Ganzhou city, Nanchang city and Jiujiang city.

Although not included in the eight styles of Chinese Cuisine, Jiangxi Cuisine has its own characteristics. Jiangxi Cuisine is characterized by its various materials used, the skill of cutting, and elaborate cooking processes, showing the original taste and flavors of raw materials. Firstly, Jiangxi Cuisine emphasizes on the cooking skill, grilling, stewing, braising, and sauting are most frequently used as basic cooking techniques. Secondly, in terms of the materials to cook, it advocates green and healthy, wild vegetables such as Artemisia selengensis in Poyang Lake, bamboo shoot in Jinggang Mountain, crabs in Junshan Lake and pepper in Yugan County are often chosen as raw materials. Thirdly, Jiangxi Cuisine is characterized by its spicy flavors. Different from the spicy and pungent of Sichuan Cuisine, or thick and pungent flavor of Hunan Cuisine, Jiangxi Cuisine is with the taste of aromatic, fresh and spicy.

Typical menu items: Sauteed Preserved Pork with Artemisia selengensis, Stewed Chicken with Three Cups Sauce