Mount Sanqingshan
Fairy Maiden Peak

Mount Sanqingshan is situated at the border area between Yushan County of east Jiangxi¡¯s Shangrao City and Dexing. It is one of Jiangxi¡¯s newly-developed key scenic areas with an area of over220 square kilometers. Its central area is over 70 square kilometers. All tourists who have visited the mountain speak highly of its beauty, mystery and wonder and unique artificial scenic spots. Some even say it can rival the Huangshan Mountain in Anhui. Province County

Mount Sanqingshan has the features of exotic peaks and monstrous stones suddenly appearing on the horizon, such as the single pillar holding up the sky, the towering Yujing, Yuxu and Yuhua Peaks, the Penglai and Yunzhang Peaks with layers of green trees and red cliff faces, and the sharp Double-Sword. The numerous beautiful unique peaks rival each other. The highest Yujing is 1,817 meters above sea level. Looking down at the upright standing peaks at the Yu Tai of the Diyun in the south, one will marvel at the beautiful view. The ¡°Fairy¡±, ¡°The Goddess of Mercy Enjoying Pipa (a Chinese traditional plucked string instrument with a fretted fingerboard)¡± and ¡°The Great Boa Getting Out of the Mountain¡± consists of the ¡°three stone wonders¡±. Besides, there are many unique old pines and other rare plants. It is a natural botanical garden. Thanks to the flourishing vegetation, its annual rainfall reaches over 20,000 mm. Therefore, it is rich in water resources and flying waterfalls in various shapes. In addition, there are over 50 Ming Dynasty buildings and over 200 stone carvings, such as the Nantianmen, the Taoist Performance Hall, the Dragon and Tiger Hall, the Jiutian, the Flying God¡¯s Terrace, the Lei Pagoda, Buddha statues, etc. Yingyun Palace Maiden Peak Mountain Peak Peaks