Ecological Civilization
Wuning County: Miniature of Ecological-friendly Jiangxi

Premier Wen Jiabao visited Wuning on April 21, 2007. In commemoration, the premier wrote four Chinese characters "Shan Shui Wu Ning ", praising Wuning's mountains and waters.

April 17, jxcn -"While gold and silver mountains are wanted, green mountains and transparent waters are more needed" is the core concept for Jiangxi's economic and social development. Sticking to the ecological-friendly concept and aiming to construct a green Jiangxi, the province has launched its full-scale environment protection and green ecological projects. Based on its comprehensive treatment of mountains, rivers, and lakes in the past years, Jiangxi has been rewarded with green mountains and clear waters.

Wuning County, with a population of 376,000, covering a total area of 3,506 square kilometers, is a miniature of the ecological-friendly Jiangxi.

In 1970, Zhelin Reservoir Dam, located in the county, then largest earth dam in Asia, cut off the 350-kilometer Xiuhe Rive. Places below the altitude of 65 meters along the Xiuhe River became a water area. From then on, there emerged more than 2,000 islands. To protect the beautiful mountains and rivers, Wuning launched the Green Protection Project.

First, all the afforestable barren hills in the county have been turned into forests.

Second, ecological protection has been reinforced. In the process of introducing industrial projects, Wuning has always stuck to the rule that projects that will cause pollution are prohibited.

Third, reforms of kitchens and toilets have been carried out. Methane and liquefied gas have been popularized in the countryside which greatly reduces the cutting of firewood forest.

Fourth, reform of forest ownership system has been implemented. Through forest reform which centers on clarification of property rights, reduction of taxation, invigoration management, and standardization of rights-transferring, living standards of residents in forest areas have witnessed obvious improvement.

Industrialization process of forests has been moving ahead and forest farmers' initiatives for forest managing, protection, and cultivation have been brought into full play.

At present, there are 248,997 hectares of forest land in the county, hith growing stock volume at 7.73 million cubic meters and forest coverage up to 69.4 percent.

Premier Wen Jiabao visited Wuning on April 21, 2007 and paid a visit to Changshui Village for an investigation and survey of the forest reform. Wen praised that Wuning's forest reform bore the same significance with that of the contract system linking remuneration to output first practiced in the late 1970s in Xiaogang Village, Anhui Province. In commemoration, the premier wrote four Chinese characters "Shan Shui Wu Ning", praising Wuning's mountains and waters.