Wuyuan County£şMost Beautiful Countryside

Wuyuan, China's most beautiful countryside, lies in the northeast of Jiangxi province. It belongs to Shangrao city with Anhui and Zhejiang as its neighboring provinces. It was set up in 740 AD in the Tang Dynasty. It covers an area of 2947 square kilometers, with 18 towns and a population of about 330,000.  It is like a bright pearl embedded in the Huangshan-Wuyuan-Lushan golden tour line. Wuyuan is rich in natural recources, such as tea, forests, water, cultural and ecological-travel. It is well-known for poached red carps, green tea, black dragon-tailed inkstones and Jiangwan snow-white pears.

Wuyuan is also the home village of Zhu Xi and 2,600 officials with over 2000 works of the Song to Qing dynasties. Its ancient Architectural complexes, trees, caves and culture add radiance and beauty to its green mountain, blue water and rural sceneries. Wuyuan has become a cultural, ecological and tourist demonstration center of the state and is famous for its beautiful scenery with clear waters and green mountains. The climate waries apparently as the seasons change. Thus the eco-environment here is excellent. Forests cover 82 percent of its area and the amount of living trees reaches 10 million cubic meters.

Wuyuan is one of the sixteen most ecologically advanced agriculture counties is China. Like a large park, the county is praised as the "Last shangri La". Wengong Hill, Yuanyan Lake (the Mandarin Duck Lake) and Linyan Cave are known as ecological wonders. There are also many well-preserved ancient villages like Jiangwan,likeng, Wangkou, Yan village, Sixi and Likeng. The Hui-style ancient Buildings with pink walls and black tiles, which are faintly visible amid the green hills and blue waters,  make up a picturesque landscape depicting the symbiosis of man and nature.

Wuyuan is well-known as the homeland of scholars, two of whom are Zhu Xi, a famous philospher in the South Song Dynasty and Zhan Tianyou, the Father of Railroads in China. There were 550 successful candidates all together from Wuyuan who had taken the highest imperial examinations in the past Hui Opera, the origin of Beijing Opera, the Luo Dance known as the "Dance Live Fossil", the folk garret-lifting art reputed for "A Unique in China"and the charming tea performance all make Wuyuan an attractive scenic spot.