Jiangxi Culture
The Porcelain Culture

As the world-famed porcelain capital of China, Jingdezhen City has a long history of ceramics manufacture and a rich cultural heritage. According to the historical records, ¡°Xinping (as the city was known as then) began to make pottery in Han Dynasty¡±. It is evident that pottery was first made in Jingdezhen in Han Dynasty. In the first year in Jingde Reign of Song Dynasty (1004 A.D), the royal court decreed the city to make porcelain wares for imperial use with the words ¡°Made during Jingde Reign¡± printed on the bottom of each piece of porcelain; hence the city got its name ¡°Jingdezhen¡±. From Yuan Dynasty to Ming and Qing Dynasty, emperors sent their officials to Jingdezhen to supervise the manufacture of royal porcelains. They set up the Porcelain Office and built the royal kiln, from which many delicate ceramic articles were made. The royal porcelains were renowned for four classic decorations: blue and white, famille rose, rice-pattern and color glaze. In modern times, on the basis of inheriting the traditional and historical characteristics, improvement and innovation was made in the technology of porcelain-making. The Porcelain Wares for Chairman Mao Zedong, Wares for APEC, Wares for tire Stale Hotel (Guesthouse) and other ceramic art works are all greatly appreciated in the world.

The porcelains made in Jingdezhen enjoy the highly praise of "as white as jade, as thin as paper, as sound as a bell, as bright as a mirror". Guo Moruo (famous historian and scholar) highly praised the brilliant ceramic history and culture in Jingdezhen and wrote the following lines that "China is well-known by porcelain, and famous porcelains are made in Jingdezhen."

At present more than 30 ceramics historical relics have been found, such as Kaolin, old producing area for ceramic material, and Kaolin, clay for porcelain producing is named after it; the relic of Hutian kiln, the relic of royal kilns in Ming and Qing Dynasties and so on. All these are inscribed in the National and Provincial Historical Relic Protection Units.

Porcelain has become one of the most distinguished symbols of Jiangxi in China even in the whole world. The porcelain culture formed in thousands of years is the glorious and splendid part of Jiangxi culture.