Investment Policy
Catalogue of Priority Industries for Foreign Investment

   In the light of the Interim Regulations on FDI Directions and the Industrial Catalogue Guiding Foreign Investment, foreign businessmen who have put investment into our province in projects included in the following Catalogue shall enjoy the state preferential policies as stipulated in the Interim Regulations on FDI Directions specially for investment in the encouraged projects.

               Catalogue of Priority Industries for Foreign Investment in Jiangxi Province

  1. Storage, preservation and processing of grain, vegetable, fruits, poultry and domestic animal products, and aquatics

  2. Forestation and introducing of improved varieties of saplings

  3. Comprehensive utilization of bamboo resources

  4. Production of high-grade daily-used porcelains (except the blue-and-white porcelain with rice-grain decoration)

  5. Ramie textile and production of ramie products

  6. Construction and operation of highway, independent bridge and tunnel

  7. Development of applied technology for coal processing and process of coal products

  8. Exploitation, development and application of coal-seam gas resources

  9. Smelting and processing of rare metals (such as rubidium, cesium, cobalt, tantalum, niobium)

  10. Wet process of phosphoric acid and high-concentration NPK compound fertilizer

  11. Development and production of new-type electronic elements and electronic luminescent materials

  12. Processing of Chinese medicinal plant and Chinese patent drug

  13. Development and production of medicine by fermentation technology

  14. Development, construction and operation of tourist scenic resorts/spots and their complementary facilities