Economic Development

At a new start point, Jiangxi is developing at an amazing speed. Entering the 21st Century, Jiangxi has insisted on applying scientific outlook on development, emphasizing on making innovations, establishing new businesses, and developing in a harmonious way. Taking ecological protection as its first priority, the province aims for a balanced and fast economic development. By the end of 2006, the economic performance in the province's industrial parks has doubled the volume it was two years ago, industrial added-value doubled what it was three years ago, revenues doubled in four years, GDP doubled in five years ago, and incomes of urban and rural residents doubled in six years time.

Jiangxi possesses 94 industrial parks and three zones for export processing. With an advantageous geographic location and abundant natural resources, Jiangxi is a hot place for domestic and overseas investment. More than 10,000 investors have established their businesses here. Foreign investment has remained the first in five consecutive years among the six provinces in Central China.